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Julie introduces a little "Jen vs. Ryan" sequence. Jen starts campaigning one-on-one, making charming moves like informing the girls that Ryan is a racist. "Ryan is racist" is a direct quote. Later, Ryan joins a bedroom conversation between Allison, Sheila, and Matt about Jen's cattiness. Ryan half-heartedly defends Jen, and Sheila warns Ryan that Jen's been calling him a racist. So then Ryan goes and finds Jen and tells her, "It's gonna hit the fan" as he calls her outside. She joins Ryan (who has selected Adam as his second, apparently) in the yard. He's all surly and pissed off as she "tries" to "figure out" what "someone" "claimed" she's been saying about him. After a bit, she asks if it's Sheila saying that Jen said Ryan has "a race issue." "We'll see," Ryan says. He goes back into the bedroom, where Parker now is, and assures Parker that he isn't a racist. Parker says it's cool, and Ryan leaves again. No sooner has the door closed behind him than Jen storms in. "Don't you dare," Parker tells her, seeing what's coming. But he can't stop Jen from yelling at Sheila for "misinterpreting" what Jen said. We even get a replay of Jen saying, "Ryan is racist," lest we be convinced by Jen's self-serving spin. Ryan comes back in, and the two of them start yelling at each other. Ryan accuses Jen of messing with his life, and Sheila and Allison take Ryan's side. After a while, Jen wants to have a one-on-one with Ryan, and DRs, "The most important thing is my relationship with Ryan. It overpowers the game any day." Which makes the second time she's said the opposite of something she said earlier, in as many minutes.

Ryan and Jen go into the sauna, and all he has to say to her is that she must want the game pretty bad to throw him under the bus and make him look like a racist to the whole wide world. I see what he's saying, but she's only making him look like a racist to Big Brother viewers, which is so not the same thing. Ryan's about to walk out on Jen, but she makes him stay, downplays what she said, and insists that she loves him. Ryan looks like he wants to buy it.

Julie starts talking to the gathered houseguests via the big monitor outside. Her first question is to Sheila, who sarcastically claims that she and Adam are really soulmates now. Adam slightly less sarcastically agrees. Julie asks whether Jen wants to say anything to Ryan. She says that she has no regrets, and knows that Ryan appreciates Jen's going on the block for Ryan (wait, is that what happened?), and can't wait to see him again after tonight's eviction. She desperately asks for a kiss, and gets one. Ryan? What she said, only less convincingly.

Julie then asks anyone who's sure there are no other couples in the house to raise his or her hand. Only Natalie, Sheila, and Alex raise their hands. Julie doesn't bother to straighten anyone out. She explains the voting rules: it's pretty much the same this year, except they're voting as couples, and if a couple can't agree, they risk eviction themselves. Not that we get any detail on that.

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