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When we come back, it's somehow daytime in the backyard as the five remaining couples (not counting Alex and Amanda, who are ineligible to repeat) get ready for the HoH competition. It's basically a five-team game show in which everyone has to guess how the majority of the house would answer each question. The first question is whether people would rather go without food or hot water. Most say hot water, which means that the house will be without hot water for the next three days. The next question is whether the majority would rather see the women in swimsuits or their soulmate's favorite outfit for the next twenty-four hours. Everyone picks A, which of course means all women in all swimsuits, all the time. Next question: what would the majority rather lose for a week: eating utensils or drinking cups? Drinking cups, which they'll be doing without for a week. Would the majority rather have a margarita party or an outdoor grill? Everyone picks the margarita party, even though they won't have anything to drink out of. Should be a fun party. Would the majority prefer breakfast in bed from the men or dinner cooked by the women? The latter is chosen. Would the majority rather go two weeks without the workout equipment or the washing machine? They pick the latter, which means this is going to be one smelly bunch of gym rats. Smelly, thirsty, hypothermic, drunk-on-margaritas, hungry-from-burned-dinners gym rats. Oh, and Chelsia and James are the new HoH couple. And there is much rejoicing.

Julie welcomes us back, where everyone's convened in the living room to talk to a very excited Chelsia and James about being HoH. They're thrilled, obviously, not least because they get to sleep in a real bed now. Julie turns to Alison and Ryan to ask how the game is going to be different for them. Only Allison answers, talking about how happy she is that she gets Ryan to herself now. For a week, probably. "Let's eavesdrop on the houseguests," Julie invites us, and then we get to hear all sorts of confusing cross talk about the lack of hot water they have to look forward to.

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