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Next day, Keesha, Michelle, and Angie huddle in the sauna to discuss what a threat Brian is to everyone. Libra is still trying to convince April that Ollie is down with Brian and Dan, and that they're planning to take out Memphis and Jessie before moving on to the girls. April is brokenhearted and pissed, and decides to confront Ollie on the spot. All Ollie will say right off is that he isn't against the women, but April is still pretty pissed about what she sees coming her way in, like, late August or whatever. So he ushers them into the storage room to do damage control, but after listening to their conspiracy theories about Brian for about a minute, Ollie has a solution: "Flip it on him." They agree on step one: warn Memphis.

Ollie goes to warn Memphis, which he does, and then Memphis informs Jessie of Brian's plan. Meanwhile, Libra suggests a plan to Ollie and Keesha: backdoor Brian. All they have to do is go to Jerry en masse and tell him that the votes aren't in place for anything else. So they draft a bunch of other players -- enough so that they have to come up with a plan to occupy Brian while they talk to Jerry.


So here's that plan, which we now see in action. While Jerry, Brian, Dan, and someone else hang out on the porch, April comes and flirtily asks Jerry if she can use the HoH restroom. He of course goes to let her in, while Libra and Ollie rally the rest of the troops. Next thing you know, there are like eight people in the HoH room with Jerry, all telling him that he needs to put up Brian, because Brian is playing everyone. Jerry's resistant to the idea when the commercials come, which of course means he'll come around.

Back from the ads, that's how it's looking. Jessie promises that the PoV ceremony will leave some people shocked, and a defeated Jerry isn't wearing any of his military stuff because he doesn't want to dishonor the service with what he's about to have to do. Well, that should e a useful little "tell." Brian DRs that he's loving every second of this, misreading the situation as people being tense over Memphis. Dude, I'm just going to dome out and say it: Brian sucks at this game.

Jessie kicks off the PoV meeting by offering Renny a chance to make her case. She's all class as she says the whole situation is his fault anyway and she wouldn't expect him to use it on her. Jessie predictably vetoes himself, and Jerry takes the floor. He makes a long speech regarding Brian's multiple alliances, and then nominates him. Looks good on you, dickweed.

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