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Then the horn sounds and they all run outside, rushing to put on clothes. Of course Rachel is freaking out watching on the monitor while Jessie keeps flogging his goods. The time's up, and Rachel walks out, loaded down with Jessie swag, asking him, "Do I have to keep this stuff?" "You get to keep this stuff," Jessie corrects. He's doing a little too good a job of keeping a straight face through all this. Everyone else comes back into the house dressed like Joey in all of Chandler's clothes in "The One Where No One's Ready," and Rachel is still loaded down with her Jessie-shit. Adam gives Rachel a grateful hug... with shoes on his hands.

Adam then pays a visit to Rachel and Jordan in the HoH room (see?), calling his flip to the newbies a "moment of weakness" and saying he's on Rachel and Jordan's side all the way. Rachel tells him the same thing she told Kalia and Porsche, which is that she still doesn't know what to do. Rachel DRs that it might be smart to keep a weak player, and I'm in agreement with her that you can't do much better in that department than Adam.

After he leaves, Rachel and Jordan talk long-term strategy about how they'll get to the final two together. Jordan declares, "I refuse to let two people be in the final two that slept this whole season," meaning Porsche and Kalia. And yet Rachel still doesn't know what to do.

Nomination Day. Adam thinks he's on good shape, but won't feel safe until he pulls his key. Porsche figures she'll be nominated, but hopes she at least talked her way out of getting evicted this week. Kalia hopes the same thing, while admitting she hasn't been so nice to Rachel over the course of the game. Rachel herself gives an anodyne pre-nomination voice-over that could have preceded any nomination all summer, and calls the nomination ceremony. They all gather around the table, and when the keys come out, they belong to Jordan and Adam, so that's Kalia and Porsche as the nominees, to the surprise of no one. Rachel says she knows they're coming after her, and invites them to win the Veto. "May the best man win. Or woman. Or man." Everyone laughs as though Adam has a chance at winning any Veto competition that isn't a 90210 trivia quiz. Porsche gives Rachel a limp warning from the DR, and Kalia DRs that half of Rachel's nominations this summer have been at her, Kalia's hand. "Payback is a bitch named Rachel." Rachel's DR speech is a lot of big talk about how they'll have to get through her to stay. There's an eviction on Wednesday, and we'll be in the home stretch, with a final four that will probably include Adam.

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