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So now, it's time for another round of choosing people at random to participate in PoV. This time, they'll choose by picking balls out of a bag. There are balls with everyone's name, and then there are ones that say "Houseguest's Choice." If James or a nominee picks one of those, then they can pick whomever they want to participate in the veto competition. James picks Kaysar's name. Kaysar flatly proclaims in the DR that he was "very ecstatic." I have to kind of can't tell. "Very ecstatic" looks a lot like "thinking about going to the store later." Will picks Houseguest's Choice, so he picks Mike to compete, of course. George picks Jase, who DRs that he doesn't want Will or Mike to get the veto, since they'd use it and he himself might go up.

So this veto competition involves an escalating series of tasks -- as long as you're willing and able to complete them, you stay in. The first task is eating an entire bowl of slop. Each person will hold up either a green or a red marker to say that they will or won't be participating in each task. For the slop, everyone puts up the green, so everyone's willing to try. Will and Mike, however, quit the slop early. I'm not sure they're all that driven, given that this is stuff that several people ate all week long. I am suspicious. Danielle comments that slop "is Satan's oatmeal." It's so bad that it gives George the shakes, but he does finish it. Mike tells us that he feels bad that he wasn't able to get it done, but when you throw up, you throw up.

The next round involves taking off your shirt and pants and throwing them in a burning barrel. They all do that. That was not suspenseful. And then the next one involves letting people write on you with markers. Which is also something everyone does without incident. Who thought these up, anyway? The girls' cabin at Camp Towanda? The next round involves dunking yourself in a vat of blueberries, thus dyeing yourself blue. All four remaining guys (Kaysar, James, George, Jase) decide to go through with it. I'll let James give you the rundown: "George looked like Fat-Ass Smurf. Kaysar looked like Iraqi Smurf. Jase looked like Vanity Smurf. And I looked like Skinny Manorexic Smurf." Way to go, James. I couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't try. I also admire that in the sense that not every guy could comfortably identify himself as Manorexic Smurf. I think you have to be comfortable with your sexuality, and your weight, and that you're not really a smurf.

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