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First Guy To Throw Stuff Goes Home

In the next round, the task is to give up your opportunity to go for the veto next week. This takes out James and Jase, both of whom figure it's more important to save their opportunities to go next week. Kaysar, however, stays in. He DRs that they had figured George wouldn't last long in the competition, but now, he had to stay in just so that somebody would be there to compete with George. They really shouldn't have let these guys show their answers one at a time. They should all have to reveal together, so that Kaysar can't see that nobody else is staying in before he makes the call. I'm not sure why they let that happen. "If you want something done, you've got to do it yourself," Kaysar says. George, on the other hand, assures us that whatever they had offered, he would have done. And it's a good thing, because what we are going to have now is the inevitable head-shaving. Which they also both decide to do, after George's attempts to cut a deal with Kaysar by muttering that he'd remember it if Kaysar dropped out go unrewarded. So George gets his head shaved, and Kaysar gets his head shaved, both buzzed down to almost nothing. It turns out that George has an incredibly tall head, if I can put it that way. Kaysar looks fine with a buzz cut. Marcellas is all emotional about Kaysar's "big sacrifice," because hair is the kind of thing that Marcellas takes really seriously.

So because it's still a tie after the last dare, the tiebreaker is task is to write down the number of days you'd be willing to eat slop in order to win, of the 60 days that are left. Kaysar writes down 15. George, predictably in my eyes, writes down 60. Danielle insists in the DR that neither of them knows how bad it is to be on slop, which is an interesting point. If Will and Mike couldn't get through it without gagging, I'm not sure George wants to eat nothing else for two months. So anyway, George wins the veto, which is going to throw the plans off. As Howie says, it was a "how bad do you want it?" veto, and George took it. James unhappily says that "it is what it is." He'll be thinking about what the hell he's going to do now. George tells us that he had been sure he was going home, and now he's back.

James grumps around the HoH room, complaining that everything he's worked for is slipping away and so forth. He's done so much! He worked in the coal mines for this! He shoveled snow! He sold pencils on the street! He tells us that he just hopes George's veto win backfires and makes everyone hate George more than they already do. What, because he won the veto? That wouldn't be very fair, now would it? Again, George tells us about being happy he's back, though he's eating slop, which is not great.

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