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Jase, Danielle, and Diane have a talk as he swings in the hammock. They discern that he will need five votes to stay. Danielle cautions him that it's a lot of votes to try to get. Jase can count on three if he can get these two women and George. Jase DRs that he does believe he has Danielle and Diane and maybe George. He's thinking Kaysar and somebody else from S6. "Seems like a longshot," he says. He goes up to meet with S6, and tells them that he'll uphold any deal that they make with him. James offers him the possibility of a deal in which none of them would nominate each other until at least "sequester." I'm not sure when that is, but it's a couple of votes away, anyway. Jase will take it. They all shake on it. When he's gone, S6 can't decide what to do.

Out on the patio, Jase joins Will, Danielle, and Mike just as Will is saying he needs to go inside and tell S6 he's after them so that they'll vote him out. Jase informs Will that he just extracted this handshake deal where he'd put up "floaters." Danielle does not look happy. In the DR, Danielle tells us she wishes Jase hadn't done that. (Made the deal, not told everyone, although maybe that, too.)

Now, it's time for Julie to take us to the living room, where she comments on Kaysar and George and their lack of hair, although George's is covered by Marcellas's Afro wig. Which George is wearing with a green fake moustache, orange sunglasses, and a green shirt hand-lettered "Mr. Fart." What I like about that is that it's so subtle and witty. You want to be funny, but you never want to just be crass. Anyway, Julie asks Marcellas what he thinks of Kaysar bald. Marcellas announces that "Kaysar is even more gorgeous" without his hair. Julie reminds Kaysar that in addition to shaving his head, he gave up his ability to compete in the veto next week. Kaysar remembers that. And then she reminds him that he lost. He remembers that, too. Julie asks Kaysar if he has regrets, but he says that he doesn't.

Now, Julie reminds Will that he claimed he hated everyone. Everyone laughs, which says quite a bit right there, if you think about it. Julie asks how he's being treated in the aftermath of that speech, and Will says that he's being treated "same as always." Heh. He also assures her that he hates himself in addition to everyone else. Will tells Julie that in terms of how they're actually treating him, it's "even Steven," that "everything is real calm around here, Julie." And then he smirks, and everyone laughs again. World on a string, that kid.

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