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First Guy To Throw Stuff Goes Home

And now, let us address ourselves to Mr. Fart. George is on slop, and when Julie asks him how it's going, he explains that the slop is the reason for the shirt and the new nickname. Apparently, slop causes digestive issues when you eat it day in and day out, which is almost certainly not the way it's meant to be ingested.

And then Julie calls out Mike for talking in his sleep, and we get some footage of that, in which he sounds like he's talking backwards. Asked what he's saying other than "Paul is dead," Mike fakes her out by giving his friends back home a shout-out. Somewhere, his friends carefully don't react, to make sure that no one realizes that they know him.

Julie next promises that after the commercials, we will see a tribute to the awesomeness of George. But first! Voting. Danielle, Kaysar, and Mike are in the DR. Danielle says that she was actually trying to keep Jase around, but he kind of killed her reason for doing it by making a deal with S6 to go after "floaters," which would be...her, for instance. Kaysar claims that he "can keep up with Will's game." He can start that any day now, then. Mike tells us, to no one's surprise, that he loves Jase, but that Will is his true north and his third eye and so on. Kaysar says that he will be leaving the decision to his "gut." Probably because his hair is gone. He says that he would keep Jase because of Jase's "caring side," which shows that Jase can be trusted. Seriously, Kaysar is the dumbest person ever. Jase doesn't have a caring side. Jase is like a pancake. Flip it over, and it's less well-cooked, but not any more capable of human feeling. Danielle says that she's going on her first instinct. But we hear no one's vote, which does not suggest a close one.

Back from commercials, Julie tells us that James thinks George is out of place as an "All-Star," but now, he's starting to earn respect. "Who is the real Chicken George?" she asks. Howie DRs that he figured George was pretty much done for the minute he came in the door. Mike says the "minnow among sharks" thing again. George says that he hasn't made much of an effort to fit in; he's just playing around. We see George's wife and his kids, and then him talking to Diane about staying afloat while he's gone. He says that his wife told him he'd always regret it if he didn't go. Such a tricky decision, that. I've made some of my best and worst decisions using exactly that approach. George tells us that he quit his job to come back, which is...not good to hear. I never advocate that. George says to Diane that he's worked very hard and wants to be here. George says that this is his chance to "chase [his] dream." This is his dream? Since...a few years ago, when it was invented? Can you imagine this being your dream? Like you get these votes, and then you're just, "I've accomplished all I care to. This is all I could possibly want in my obituary."

We revisit George's incredibly touching veto speech in which he assured the rest of the people involved that indeed, they are just as awesome as they think they are. As you can imagine, Marcellas loved George's speech, and pretty much tells us that it restored his faith in the benign God that is Big Brother. He claims that it "inspired" him, and it reminded him "why we should be here." Marcellas loves the part where they talk about how you should play the game like a good person, because it gives him more ammunition to walk around declaring who does and does not deserve to live. I wonder if he goes through the same culling process when it comes to people who talk about him on the internet. I'm betting that he does.

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