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First Guy To Throw Stuff Goes Home

When we come back, it's almost time for the eviction. Jase or Will? Which person who said he hated everyone and wanted to leave will actually be made to leave? Given a chance for final words, Jase says that he's not going to hate on any of them, because they're all crazy, and "crazy people make poor decisions." He goes on to say that he hates the way he's leaving, and he adds that he only wants Danielle and Diane to walk him to the door. So that's pretty much throwing them to the wolves, all, "They were my friends, so." Jase is...actually crying. Only a little, but he is. Will says that Jase is a "tough act to follow." As if. He says that he wants to take back saying he hates everyone, and says he should have just said he has severe dislike for them or disdain for them. Heh. He then gives a shout-out to his dermatology clinic, which is so lame I can't believe I had to type it. Julie irritatedly says, "Thank you, Will." Seriously. That's as close to "that'll do, pig" as I've ever seen her.

So now, by a unanimous vote of 9-0, Jase is booted. Wow. Not even one sympathy vote. Jase stands up and gives hugs, and then Diane and Danielle walk him out. Jase also makes a couple of remarks about being back in a week or two, and that's a little odd. He walks over to meet Julie, who welcomes him to her power gazebo or whatever and sits on the bench.

Back inside the house, Will says, "Jase left early, man. He didn't deserve that....It's so weird, it's like, I'm sad, but...I'm jealous." And then there's something about pushing a buzzer and hoping for Alison, and they all definitely think somebody is coming back.

Outside in the Ungazebo, Julie asks Jase about all know, crying. He says that it's hard to talk about, but it's all about this business of being "back-doored." He returns to his theory that he should have been on Survivor, where if you get food, they keep you around, because they don't get rid of strong players. Has he ever seen Survivor? They don't do that! He's either never seen that show and simply assumes it works as he would think it would work, or he's high. Julie tells him there are "no mirrors and flatirons on Survivor." Julie! Hee. He tells her that he'd be fine without his products, even though he looks about to crack. Julie talks to him about being "a changed man," but she asks about whether the idea that he's all different now is undermined at all by his freak-out. Jase talks about how James promised him that he wouldn't be "back-doored," and they had this understanding, and then -- back-doored! Julie basically calls him stupid for believing James in the first place. Julie says that he seemed to be playing all different alliances, and she wonders whether that was a mistake. Jase basically claims that it was just too difficult to break into either alliance, so he was trying to protect himself. He says he had an alliance with Diane, and Julie tries to get him to comment on "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," and he tries to play cagey, saying maybe there was something and maybe there wasn't.

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