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James takes everyone to see the HoH room. It's decorated in red, and there are pictures of Sarah all over the place, just so that no one will forget her. Apparently, they are still together. Howie, of course, goes into horndog mode, because that's still funny on the 650th try, and he goes on about how hot Sarah is and asks for one of the pictures. He does not get one. Jase, on the other hand, says that he's tired of looking at S6's family and friends. He doesn't care about anyone's family but his, and really, isn't that what being a caring human being is all about? After all, it takes a village full of low-wage workers, probably in India, to do all the work for you so that you can devote your full attention to the people you love.

Remarkably, when S6 sits around and talks strategy, they feel the need to start their conversation by having a discussion about how good they are. "We're the strongest alliance in this house!" Janelle preens. I think everyone...gets that, dear. But thanks for congratulating yourself...again. When they actually get on the topic of whom to take out, they start talking about Jase. My favorite part of their "strategy," however, is when Kaysar the brilliant theorist starts defending James's weird idea of eliminating George, of all people, by saying that if you take out George, then the next time a "floater" wins HoH, you force them to pick sides. So here's the thinking, it appears: you spend an entire nomination round taking out a nonthreatening person who doesn't seem to be up to anything and who isn't very likely to win any skill competitions, who might or might not be against you, but who would undoubtedly happily take refuge under your wing and align with you if you offered it to him. And you do it because that way, after he's gone, then the next time that another person who might or might not be against you wins HoH, they will be forced to choose whether to nominate you and your friends or your actual enemies and their friends, which will give you information that you can then use to decide whether they are with you or against you, because you ultimately want to get rid of people who are against you.

This is the STUPIDEST CONVERSATION ABOUT STRATEGY I HAVE EVER HEARD. You blow your nominations not even to try to "draw people out," which is already a stupid reason to nominate people, but in order to create the conditions that will allow a future situation that might draw people out? You have four people in your alliance. There are only eight evictions now between you and final four. You waste this one by booting George, then you're waiting for another round when a "floater" becomes HoH, and then after that -- after that! -- you will know where people stand and you will know what to do. It's just...fundamentally incompetent. That's what's killing me. These people are idiots. They're not any good at strategy. They're good at dumb trivia questions and bullshit competitions, but they're idiots. It's no wonder Kaysar got thrown out twice last season; he's a simpleton. There's no point in blowing a nomination to find out who's against you instead of just getting rid of people you already know are against you. It makes no sense.

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