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First Guy To Throw Stuff Goes Home

Filler: Turns out Will complains a lot. Like, a lot. Sometimes about nothing in particular, and sometimes about oddly amusing things, like the fact that the house has cabinets installed thirty feet in the air and he'd like to know which design-school graduate came up with that theory. He complains about the pictures on the wall, the food, the isolation, the tarantulas, the poor quality of the gym equipment, and so forth. Kaysar says that maybe Will's mother didn't hug him enough. Good one, zzzzz. Will claims in the DR that it's part of his strategy to "demoralize" everyone, but my suspicion is more that he's just an enormous malcontent who enjoys dominating the room by any means necessary, so whatever serves as an irritant is very tempting for him. If he found out anyone was going off into the bedrooms and whispering about how much he complains, he'd instantly stroll into the living room and say something like, "Have you ever noticed that the sofa cushions smell like a wet cow?"

Will and James have themselves a chat. James asks Will if he actually wants to go home, saying that if he doesn't, James has doubts about putting him up as the "pawn" with George, in case the house accidentally boots the wrong person. Will laughs. As he explains to us, he was repeatedly nominated during his season, so he doesn't mind the nomination. Will says to James that everybody knows there's the S6 group, then there's Mike and Will, and then there's everybody else. I'm not sure how that answers the question. James tells Will that if he puts Will up, it will be because James has the votes to keep him from being voted out. James tells us in the DR that in fact, he thinks that he needs Will around at the end of the game. And why? Well, James is not entirely satisfied with S6 status. He and Will agree that James is going to be the first person to lose out when S6 starts breaking down. James says that it "will not happen to [him] again" where that same alliance of people ultimately throws him over the side of the boat at a key moment. If that's how he feels, and if he ultimately intends to screw them, I'd think he probably doesn't want them on the jury, so you'd think the time for him to make a move to get away from that group (which I agree would be good for him) would, now. Will and James agree on a sort of a "core" of the two of them, Mike, and Danielle.

Will in the DR goes back to his "Cool Kid Club Card" thing, saying that it looks to him like James actually wants to play with him and Mike, and then he turns to the camera and winks. Ding! Oh, and Will is wearing a shirt that says, "I'm probably lying." Indeed, you are.

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