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First Guy To Throw Stuff Goes Home

Awesomely, Jase and Howie are in the backyard playing a game that is just perfectly suited to them, in terms of how cerebral it is. It's called Throw The Inner Tube Around. And Jase sings a little song about it. Calling this a filler segment would be an insult to filler segments.

Erika visits James, and he asks her about possible targets. Like him, she thinks the thing to do is go after George. Marcellas shows up and says the same thing, and he tells us that James doesn't like George for some reason. But when Danielle shows up, she thinks he's a right nutbar for targeting George, compared to all the rest of these people. She tells him flat-out that she can't believe he's serious about wasting his HoH week trying to get rid of George, who is clearly not the biggest threat. Danielle tells us that she thinks the game move is obviously to go after Jase, not George. But if James is going to act for personal reasons, he'll go after George. Interesting. I'm not sure what James's problem with George is, but it's apparently pretty severe. James tells Danielle that he can't take it for George to go forward, because he's "fucking worthless." Slinking around listening to conversations, but apparently still just as "worthless" as before. Danielle warns James that going after George will backfire on him, but it doesn't appear for now that he's going to listen.

It's about time to deal with what these people shove into their gaping maws every day, so we have to start off with a discussion of the slop that half of them have been eating. James complains that you can't get the taste out of your mouth once it's in there. So they're all obviously happy when they head out for the food competition. Basically, there's a board full of holes and a bowling ball, and the board is sloped. Using a long stick, pairs of people, one on each side of the board, move the ball up the slope, avoiding the holes, with each pair playing for one day of the week. The farther up you can get the ball, the better the food. At the very top, they'll get full food for the day and a feast for that day.

James and Erika get the ball all the way to the top. It's kind of like one of those tilting games where you try to move the ball through the maze, you know? I'm terrible at those, because I'm uncoordinated. Mike and Diane play for Tuesday, and they make it all the way to the feast as well. Wednesday is Danielle and Will. They pass "Veggies and Beer" and get stopped at "Bread and Kumquats," so those are the things the house will have for Wednesday. I have no idea, incidentally, who decided to unite bread and kumquats in holy matrimony. I kind of get the sense of humor behind "veggies and beer," but not really bread and kumquats. I'm sure they wanted to see the houseguests try to say "kumquats," so that's probably part of it. Howie and Kaysar get the house a feast for Thursday.

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