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Marcellas and Janelle go next, and Marcellas admits that they based their team on "looks and whether or not [they] would get along." At least he's self-aware. Marcellas bitches at everyone to stop cheering and hooting, which everyone else managed to live with. They get only as far as Veggies and Beer. They suck. That will not be a nice Friday. The last team is George and Jase for Saturday. Jase tells us that if he had a friend in the house, it would be George. I'm sure George appreciates that. George has to wipe his head several times, and people are concerned about him with heat exhaustion and such, but he survives, and he and Jase also get a which point George sinks to the ground. Everybody runs over, thinking that if we're about to see the first Big Brother death on screen, they don't want to be caught outside camera range. It turns out that George is all right after all, which they all pretend to be happy about. Danielle is just happy that they don't have to eat slop at all. Of course, later, Janelle and Marcellas complain about how they did. Marcellas whines that he wants to be good at things like this, and says that he always tried in vain to play sports to be like the boys, and so forth. Janelle says that she's glad to be fucking up the competitions, because it will keep people from thinking she's a "smart buxom blonde." Okay, what year is this, and who says "buxom" about herself? And believe me, Janelle, lots of people never thought you were smart.

Filler segment. Mike talks in his sleep, but unlike Eric, he doesn't say identifiable things. He claims that he's done this forever, and says that he's had "embarrassing moments" talking in his sleep. Janelle says she thinks that if they got closer, it could be her strategy to ask him things in his sleep. Brilliant plan, there, "smart buxom blonde." She says that some of the things he says are "scary." Maybe he talks about ugly people. It would make sense.

Second consecutive filler segment: Danielle likes to get up early because she's used to doing so from home. Kaysar quizzes her about marriage, and she explains that she was sixteen when had her daughter, so she never got much of a conventional "honeymoon period." Kaysar tells us that Danielle loves her family. Thanks, Kaysar! He has turned into this totally unnecessary narrator in other people's filler segments. Didn't he used to think about strategy sometimes? Danielle boo-hoos in the DR about how much she misses her daughters, which presumably is why, having left them for three months once, she would never do it again. I mean, not again again.

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