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Ronnie has locked himself in the HoH room indefinitely, living on his snacks. After some time -- like, next day, maybe -- Big Brother's voice asks him to go to the Diary Room. Hearing the announcement, Russell gets up from where he's sunning himself in the yard to intercept Ronnie when he comes out. Russell sets up a steady stream of pleasant mocking, all of Ronnie's way to the DR. As Ronnie locks himself in, Russell promises his fellow houseguests that that's all Ronnie is going to hear for the next week, until he inevitably goes home. And what did Big Brother need Ronnie in the DR so badly for? Apparently so we could hear Ronnie say of Russell, "He's an #*&@."

Russell continues making Ronnie his project, following him from room to room to room. After a few rounds of this, Jessie and Natalie watch Russell harangue him all the way to the door of the HoH room, and then whisper sympathetically to each other about Russell's treatment of Ronnie. "It's not right," Natalie says. As for Ronnie, if Russell's goal is to make him cry, it's working. He misses his wife, and wishes she could tell him what to do. He should be wishing that she could also go back in time and tell him not to do all the stupid shit that landed him in this situation in the first place.

Time for the live viewscreen interview with Julie and the HGs. She starts by asking Natalie about the mood in the house. Natalie says it's tense, but at least it's more united than last week. Before things can get too interesting, though, there's a retread of the luxury competition with the men in women's outfits, because that was so hilarious the first time.

After some more ads, Julie tells us that the internet has been calling Ronnie "The Square Root of All Evil." Good one, internet! LOLZ! That's her introduction to her private HoH interview with Ronnie, and she asks why he tried the playing-both-sides strategy, since a BB expert like him has to know that it usually backfires. Ronnie claims he was really playing only one side, since he actually was tight with the Athletes. Julie asks why he didn't nominate Russell, and he says it was too soon to burn his bridges with Jessie and Natalie. Julie asks how he lived locked up in the HoH room for 48 hours, and he basically says it's like his life. Plus it was a ploy for sympathy, and he claims he has at least five people downstairs on his side. Julie sends him back down to the living room, his delusions intact.

Julie switches the channel back to the living-room-cam for the nominee speeches. Jordan goes first, making a babbling speech about uncovering the rat together and calling everyone "Gucci." Laura's speech is about how glad she was to have met everyone, but makes reference to "manipulation and lies" that prevented that from happening fully. Okay, but it's not Ronnie's fault she came into the house all "I think Jessie's the hottest." I mean, Jesus.

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