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The voting begins. Jeff goes first, and you know he votes to evict Laura. Jessie votes his grudge against Laura. Natalie, however, votes to evict Jordan, just to "spice things up." Casey votes out Laura, as do Russell, Kevin, Lydia, Chima, and Michele. So it should be an interesting Sunday episode while everyone tries to figure out who voted to keep Laura. And of course I use the word "interesting" in terms of what it means on the scale of Big Brother episodes. Without even going to ads, Julie breaks the news that Laura was evicted in an 8-1 vote. She leaves the house, and it's pretty quiet among the eleven left behind. Especially Ronnie.

Laura's exit Chenterview comes after the ads, and she gives Laura props for her sympathy vote before moving on. Julie asks Laura why she thought Ronnie was gunning for her. Laura thinks Jordan may have spilled the beans to Ronnie that she was onto him (although we know it was Chima). But Laura's glad that she brought Ronnie down with her, and is confident that he'll go home next week. Like everyone won't forget all about this and be pissed at someone else by then. Part of living in a fishbowl is that everyone seems to end up with the memory to go with it.

Farewell messages. Ronnie calls her out for having "diarrhea of the mouth." This from an expert on the subject. Casey gives her props for not taking any crap. Russell sensitively says, "It was very fun watching you tan." But he also says he doesn't want someone as smart as she is in the game. Jordan of course talks about their friendship. Kevin says she never asked him not to vote for her. "Sorry. Enjoy your pageants? Bye!" That's Laura out of the picture, but not before saying that she hopes either Jordan or one of the Offbeats wins the upcoming HoH competition.

Speaking of which, Julie reveals that the Houseguests got to practice for that competition. It's basically a midway game, where you roll a croquet ball down a wooden ramp that's mounted on a swivel, trying to catapult the ball into one of the seven five-gallon buckets positioned a short distance away. They all suck at it, of course. Except Casey, oddly enough.

Now we're live in the backyard, with the actual competition set up. It's called "Buzzworthy," and now there are a lot more buckets, set up in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern. The closer you get to the middle, the more points you get, with a bulls eye being ten points. And you only get one shot. Which might explain why Julie is about to use the phrase "Take your best shot" one zillion and pi different times in the next few minutes.

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