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According to the randomly selected order, Michele goes first. She scores a 4. Jessie steals her short-lived lead, landing a 6 with nothing but net. Kevin's 5 doesn't beat that, and neither does Natalie's 2. Lydia looks like she falls short of the buckets entirely. "One won't do it," Julie says, even though it looked more like zero. Up next is Russell, but he has to wait until after the ads for his turn. When it comes, he scores a 5, Chima a 3, Jordan barely a 1, and Jeff a 6. That of course means a tie with Jessie for the lead. Casey goes last, and his takes a bad bounce off the center and ends up at 1, so now Jessie and Jeff have to do a tiebreaker. Jessie gets a second 6, and Jeff's ball also bounces out of the center and into a 3, so that's Jessie's second HoH term in the bag. Oh, goodie.

Julie has a little viewscreen Chenterview with the Houseguests afterwards. Jessie attempts to be modest, and fails miserably, claiming he just looks forward to being able eat enough to maintain his muscle mass. Julie reminds him that nobody said this would be easy. "You're right, but it's easier when you're HoH every other week," Jessie smugs. Way to pull off the modest act, there. Kept it up for nearly a minute. Julie asks Casey about missing his son's first birthday. Casey admits that it was tough, but this is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." As opposed to his son's first birthday, which will come several times a month from now on. Casey gets a little choked up about that, but by now, Julie is done. Julie gives her usual Thursday farewell-and also-watch-all-this-other-upcoming-crap speech, and we're back "eavesdropping" on the house, which is difficult because we really can't hear much of what they're saying. But once again, Ronnie's all alone. Going to be a long week for him. And for me, because why should this one be different?

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