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The Not-So-Hardy Boys

Inside the house, Jenn's getting hugs from people, now that she's all alone in there (whether she's figured that out yet or not). Out in the studio, Julie observes to Frank that he looks shell-shocked. Frank admits to being "bummed" after being so spectacularly lied to, especially after Dan swore his allegiance to him, but admits that he lost the PoV after all so there's nothing he could have done anyway. Frank now realizes that his alliance with Dan was probably never real in the first place. Which is a little harsh; I think it was for a day or two there, when Dan needed it.

Julie asks Frank about his tendency to trust other people in the house, and Frank says he didn't have much choice. Julie talks to him like he's a bereaved mother about his years of trying to get into the house, his weeks of trying to stay in it, and the minutes he's having to endure sitting next to her in his "Julie Chen is my Homegirl" t-shirt. Frank says he wouldn't change anything, "except maybe a couple things at the end." Like maybe taking that fruit knife away from Dan a day or two ago, for starters.

Time for goodbye messages. Joe takes credit for beating Frank, like he did anything, and says he should have gotten rid of Dan. Shane tells him it's nothing personal, and it was a good game. Ian says he had to send him home for his own sake. Frank looks away from the screen when Dan comes on, predictably shilling for Frank's jury vote by telling him he respects the hell out of him and knows he can't beat him, and hopes there are no hard feelings. Nothing from Frank's one real ally Jenn.

Julie asks Frank if there are hard feelings, and he says absolutely, earning a big cheer from the studio audience. Julie gives Frank the chance to unload on Dan, and he says that he thought booting Britney last week would give him a chance, but there was just no way in. Julie runs down his stats: six nominations, three HoH wins, and three PoV wins, and "one heckuva game." And that's Frank on his way to the jury house. Where he and Britney are going to have a lot to talk about.

Time for the HoH competition already? You know everybody's going to be fighting hard for those sweet few seconds of feverish conferring during an upcoming commercial break. Julie gets on the PA to the backyard, where Joe, Shane, Jenn, Dan, and Danielle are in isolation booths waiting for the competition to begin. The game is simple: Julie will read a quote from a nomination speech from earlier this season, and the players will have to guess who it was that said it.

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