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Down For The Count

In the aftermath of Amanda's and Allison's evacuations, everyone stands around feeling bad. Joshuah, in particular, feels bad about coming at her last week, and Alex DRs that he hopes she'll be okay. Matt is proud of "[his] friend James" for being at Amanda's side when she came around and talking her through her first moments of consciousness. And Sheila feels like shit for having attacked Allison, moments before Allison went all gnarly.

We barely have time to miss Amanda and Allison (you know, in case you were planning to) before Amanda sneaks in the front door and ducks into one of the bedrooms. She looks like she's been dragged through a hedge backward. Joshuah goes and draws her out to say hi to everyone. Hugs all around, and Alex makes sure to give James credit and make Amanda a peanut butter sandwich. And in the DR, Amanda tearfully talks about how people care about her, even if they don't like her sometimes. Back in the kitchen. Amanda's blown away to hear that Allison had an emergency as well. And then Allison arrives, looking completely normal. Her return isn't as emotional, but she DRs that she thanks God she was in the Big Brother house, or else who knows when help might have arrived? Good point. If she and Amanda had been home getting sick from eating nothing but Big Brother slop for days, anything could have happened.

The two victims have a one-on-one about how being in the house has changed them, and they need to be better people from now on. Sheila comes in and apologizes. Group hug, everyone! "It's just a game," Sheila sobs in the DR. Sheila is correct. But she's still crazy.

Veto meeting. It appears to be bikini day again, somehow. Joshuah and Sharon politely announce that they will not be using the veto. So it looks like another loving couple -- Matt and Alex -- will be split up. Poor producers.

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