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Down With Dick

Jessica's HoH room unveiling is uneventful except for Daniele acting like a whiny baby about how she just hates everyone...but Jessica's okay, I guess. And Dick smiles in the DR at the acquired knowledge that Jessica bleaches her hair, which he says will be "more fuel for the fire." Whatever that means. Also: He needed a photo to know Jessica bleaches her hair? Also also: maybe you should bleach your goddamned teeth, scumbag.

Circle room. More whining and sulking from Daniele. She whispers to Dick that the only way they have a prayer of both staying is if Jessica nominates Dick but not Daniele. Which is why Jess is a moron if she doesn't nominate D&D together. Dick doesn't believe Jess is so dumb, but he vows that if he and Daniele are on the block together, he will be as obnoxious and aggressive as possible so he'll get voted out. In the DR, he calls his "sacrificing" himself for his daughter. I'm so glad Dick has found a way to paint his abuse and harassment as a noble act, aren't you?

In the kitchen, Dick decides to get an early jump on this strategy by zeroing in on Jameka and Amber. Of course, Jameka and Amber are all to eager to sink down to Dick's level, so all of a sudden it's not fun for anyone. If Jen believed other people existed when she's not around, she would totally give these two pointers for how to deal with Dick, because she's clearly the only one who knows how. On the bright side, Amber's smug laughter at Dick's barbed comments about her daughter and her drug addiction are a vast improvement from the usual ocean of tears (Amber's cry count this week remains at zero -- stay tuned). Dick and Jameka get into it about God again (y'all? Still don't care), and then the church organ music pipes up again and we cut to...well, shit. I barely typed that thing about Amber's cry count before we see her boo-hooing to God about Dick calling her a bad mother. (...shut your mouth! There, I said it.) This would be Amber "praying," I suppose, but it's really just Amber talking so the viewing audience can hear her defend herself against the drug accusations and make excuses for why she's sucking at competitions and eating all the time. God is her personal Diary Room.

Back in the Circle Room, where apparently Daniele hasn't vacated since Thursday, she's making a deal with Jen to watch each other's backs. Daniele DRs that this is her best, and maybe only, move in the game right now, to ally herself with Jen. Daniele tells her they have Zach as well (no confirmation from Zach on this, but it's probably true enough, in the sense that he hasn't pledged loyalty to the other folks yet). Jen seems fairly sincere about her devotion to Daniele, which makes me sad, of course.

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