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Down With Dick

The new America's Choice question: who should Eric give the silent treatment to? If America's into fucking Eric over like they seem to be, Jessica might be the logical choice here.

Okay, so at this point, your faithful recapper was felled by televised golf. The PGA Championships pushed the CBS schedule back about 15 minutes, which means my DVR cut out before the episode was over. Lucky for all of us, Miss Alli is here to save my bacon:

Jessica chirps her way through a trip to the picture wall, where she studies it carefully, presumably allowing the pictures to tell her who should be nominated. Daniele is not nervous about the possibility of being nominated, because -- as so many contestants have noted in the past in so many contexts -- "it is what it is." Dick vows to make everyone cry for the rest of his time in the house if he and Daniele go up. He will be sacrificing himself for Daniele by torturing others, because that's the kind of huge asshole he is. As for Jessica, she says she will now "make a move." Awesomely, she says that if she could, she'd be HoH every week. And it would be recess all day long! Dustin can't wait to see Jessica "show the house what she's capable of doing." Jessica tells us that she's seizing the day, as she puts it, to take out people she may not have a lot of chances to boot.

Gather 'round, children, because it's time for the nomination ceremony. Jessica tells the gathered group that she followed her heart, and she pulls out Jameka's key. Jen gets her key for once, and then Eric, Amber, Zach, and Dustin are safe. Interestingly, Jessica comes right out and says that she nominated Dick and Daniele because she's close to Eric and they tried to get him out, so this is payback. Pretty direct, that. She also says that if Dick and Daniele really want to be there, they can win the veto for themselves. And Dick thanks her, and Jessica says, "You're welcome," because she was taught right. Daniele tells us she can't stand anyone in the house, and she needs the veto. Jessica, however, tells us that her target is Daniele, not Dick, because Daniele is a good player. Eric promises America that he will keep after Dustin for us. And Dick says he's going to unleash the Dick on everyone until his last moments. That should

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