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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Upstairs in the abomination, Janelle and Howie talk. They're not sure what to do. Janelle is interested in getting rid of a floater, since she's decided the floaters are all one alliance. She DRs that she's just not sure whom to put up. She has to think about what's best, but she has to make sure there are the votes. James comes in, and Janelle says that she wants to take out a floater. He's not happy, and says that as soon as they touch the floaters, Will and Mike will approach the rest to make deals. Will and Mike show up at that point and knock on the door to announce that they're going to be sitting outside playing chess. Janelle says that James really pressed her to put up Will and Mike, and told her the house would be "mad" if she didn't. Nothing like seeing a woman in a position of power who can't do what she wants to do because a guy told her that it will make people not like her. That's why we're not president, y'all. Might make somebody mad.

Later, Janelle and Will talk on the big pink bed. Will points out to her that it was Kaysar who screwed the entire S6 alliance by not nominating him and Mike when he had the chance long ago. Will says in the DR that Janelle is a good player, and he was surprised that she was so "open-minded," by which I think he means "gullible." He also thinks that whoever talks to Janelle last might well influence what she does. He says something to Janelle about putting up him and Erika, but Janelle counters with Mike and George. Will's eyes show a little panic. Himself up, he thinks he can manage. Mike up, he isn't so sure. I think Mike going home is not his plan yet. He counters with himself and George. She shakes her head. "Why won't you put me up?" Will asks with a hint of a smile. "'Cause I don't want to," she says. "Cause why?" he grins. She does her bashful, hair-throwing thing. "No, Will, it's not 'cause I like you," she grins, eating her sleeve as she is wont to do when she's nervous. She's like Jennifer Love Hewitt, with the way she uses her sleeves as props to reinforce her adorability. There's this weird implication that women whose arms are so tiny that they swim in their sleeves simply must be cute. They must be!

Anyway, Janelle has just assured Will that her hesitation to nominate him isn't about liking him personally. "It is," Will stage-whispers. She denies it some more. Janelle complains that she doesn't want to do nominations, and Will calls her "the baddest bitch in reality-TV history." Which: wow, what admirable bullshit. Seriously. I mean, no matter what definition you give "baddest bitch," it certainly is not a title that could be won by Janelle, but he says it like he means it. He's like a conversational hooker. He makes every person feel like with everyone else, it's just going through the motions, but with you, it's special. Will tells Janelle that she's a champion, and she shouldn't care if people are unhappy. Weirdly, he's basically right about what he's saying, in the sense that she's worrying way too much about making people mad, for someone who's supposed to be playing a tough game intelligently. She says that nobody likes the idea of him and Mike both being safe. "You mean James and Kaysar don't like it," Will corrects. Again, this is all so twisted to favor him, but it's not like he's not right. "James and Kaysar are cowards," he says.

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