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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Janelle says in the DR that she's in "a bit of a bind," because she has to choose between what's best for her and what's best for her alliance. I don't think that's the bind, really. I think the bind is that she actually has no plan, so she does whatever the last person told her to do, and she can't even remember what she was thinking she wanted to do. Will was right about one thing -- she's very susceptible to outside influences, because she's something of an empty vessel, brain-wise, and because she fears other people's reactions far more than she should.

In the DR, James is onto Janelle, and says it's obvious that Mike and Will are working with her (ding!) to take out floaters (ding!). He says that if she fails to put up Will in Mike's place, "there will be a mutiny." She really did hopelessly bungle that entire thing right there. It's hard to imagine how she could have handled it worse, or in a way more likely to damage her alliance.

Later, Will comes up to the abomination to talk to Janelle. He has a seat in one of her fuzzy chairs as we see him DR that she's right at the point of deciding what to do, including whether to start to have some independence from her alliance. Will grins and says it apparently didn't go that well. Janelle says that Will was supposed to win veto, because now everyone wants her to put up Will. Will tells her that if he goes this week, she's going to be in a horrible position, because she went after a floater, so they'll all be after her. He also tells her that the reason her alliance wants her to go through with the nominate-Will approach is that they're not the ones who are going to be blamed. Janelle whines in the DR that this is so haaard being HoH, and she says she should have thrown it. Hey, winners always want the ball, there, Keanu.

Back in the HoH room, Janelle continues her chat with Will. He tells her to do what she wants to do, and she asks what will happen if she nominates Diane. He says that Diane would go home if that's what she wants. I have to say, this really does appear to be a personal thing with Janelle, because her fixation on Diane to the exclusion of everyone else who could be considered a "floater" just makes absolutely no sense. Will also tells her that no one will care. He apologizes for this sounding harsh. Ha! She says she doesn't want to put Will up, and he says that she shouldn't then, and she whines on how other people will all be mad at her. Will points out to her -- thank God -- that those people who are telling her that she has to act unselfishly all have selfish motives. SERIOUSLY. Including Will, which is pretty much what he's telling her. I've said before that your job in games like this is not to convince people that you're looking out for them instead of yourself; ultimately, no one will believe you. Your job is to convince people that what's good for you is also what's good for them, which is exactly what Will is doing. Janelle says it's "mean" what he's telling her to do. He tells her not to go for the "moral high ground," and not get "self-righteous," because they're all there to be sinners. What he's offering is "honor among thieves."

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