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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

James and Danielle chat outside, and she tells him "Dani from BB3 is back." He says to her, "James from BB6...he never left, but he doesn't have Sarah to keep him nice this year, either." It's a little bit of a giveaway that you've been reading your own press when you start referring to yourself as if you were a comic-book character in an upcoming masterpiece. And then they agree it's "not a nice game" and so forth, which is what people like to say in order to pretend the fact that people don't like them is something they've brought about on purpose. James says that what they need to do now is connect with Will, Mike, and the so-called "floaters," and remove Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie. Danielle DRs that she was waiting for the S6 group to start to break, and when Janelle failed to put up Will, that was the incident she needed for James to separate fully from them.

For Diane's part, nomination is not bringing out the best in her, as she DRs that Janelle has been after her all along, and then she adds, "Day one, I have been walking on eggshells around that fat bitch." So sad, that bit of idiocy. I mean, it's hard to weep on behalf of anyone who's thrown around as many cheap-ass insults as Janelle has, but that's still so dumb. I hate to be all "Janelle isn't fat," because it's not like it would be okay if she were, but (1) she's not; and (2) it wouldn't. Diane says that until Janelle is gone, she's going to be permanently "on edge." You know what she needs to be a little less on edge? Chips. Ironic!

Outside, James promises, "It's about to jump off in here." Marcellas sits down with Danielle and Diane, and Diane, too, speaks of the "jump[ing] off" that will occur next week if she stays. Marcellas sighs pitifully. "Just handing Mike Boogie and Will the game, week after week," he complains. It would be great if he were ever given the same opportunity to compete for HoH that everyone else has, because then he could...oh, never mind. Marcellas DRs that the nomination of Diane was "stupid" and "petty." He adds that this decision showed him things about Janelle that he didn't want to know. Like maybe that she's stupid and petty? No, Marcellas just says it's that there was "something that's mean and ugly." Later, he tells Danielle and Erika that they "are under attack." This does not surprise them. Marcellas chalks this up to the fact that Janelle is determined to be at the end with nothing but men she can dominate and manipulate. Which is an interesting, and not altogether implausible, theory. "I've never seen anything like it before in my life," he nearly snorts. "And I love women." Well, he loves the ones who do what he wants, which is how a lot of guys who claim to love women actually feel. "I love the ladies," they say, while treating women other than their mothers like children not worthy of having their opinions considered. Misogynists, every one. Not Marcellas, but...wait, what was I supposed to be talking about? Oh, right. The show. "It's what you call a vixen," Danielle says, a little anticlimactically. Marcellas says that Janelle is now his number-one target.

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