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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Diary room! More talk about nominees. Will says that it would probably be better to get rid of Erika, who's a flip-flopper. George thinks people underestimate Erika. Danielle thinks that Janelle has a weird "vendetta" about Diane, and keeping Diane will distract Janelle. George thinks Diane leaving would be really sad because he likes her a lot. Marcellas says that it's better for him to keep Erika, with whom he has some relationship. Will says that he wants to keep Diane to send a message to Janelle that she's not entirely in control. Seems to be a lot of that going around, no?

Julie tells us that we're about to see the live eviction. She reminds us that for no particularly good reason, the wimpy Erika and Diane are the nominees, instead of any of the more powerful players. Julie then says that they have a chance to plead, because people are still going to vote. Erika goes first. She says she's honored to be in the cast, and she likes everyone -- unlike Will! So the game is so hard for her, because she likes them! She says that she'd like to stay. As for Diane, she knows she's leaving, so she gives a lot of shout-outs to family. She turns to all of her friends and says that she wants to give them some advice: don't give away your vote too early. "Love you all," she says, and she blows a kiss.

Kaysar votes to evict Diane. So does Howie. Marcellas, too. (He adds an "unfortunately." Because he cares.) Mike votes Diane out as well. (He goes with "regrettably.") Will votes to evict Erika, just to make things a little less smooth. George votes out Diane. He doesn't say "regrettably," but he looks more regretful than Marcellas. Danielle votes against Diane. James? Also votes to evict Diane. So it's going to be 7-1. Julie takes us back to the living room and announces that Diane has been booted by a vote of 7-1. One minute to get out the front door, loser! She gives hugs. Marcellas is all choked up, almost like he didn't vote for this to happen.

Diane makes her way to the power gazebo, where she shakes hands with Julie Chen. (Not a euphemism.) Back inside the house, everyone pretends to be sad. Talk is about someone coming back again, and they discuss Alison as well as Bunky.

Julie asks Diane about Janelle, and Diane says that the decision was personal, based on things outside the game. Apparently, Janelle shit-talked Diane during Season 6, and Janelle tried to apologize (suck up) and Diane, it seems, wasn't too receptive since "it wasn't sincere." Which I can believe. So apparently, Diane said she still felt sour about it, and Janelle took it personally. Julie asks her about Season 5 and the way they're all following each other out the door. Diane says that she doesn't know why her team was such a threat. Diane denies any "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" alliance, saying that Jase seems to have thought there was one, but she didn't know of any thing between them.

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