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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Goodbye messages for Diane. Will says that Diane is "a sweetheart," and that sweet people don't do well at the game. He says the rest of them are all cold-blooded, and she deserves better. Janelle tells Diane not to take it personally. George says that she meant a lot to him, and he'll really miss her. Howie says that she was "great to look at." Bleh. Marcellas says that he's mad that she's "leaving under these circumstances." He promises that if there's a chance to avenge her, he will. "That's what I want to hear," Diane mutters. She tells Julie that she really hopes the "karma boomerang" will take out Janelle next week.

When we get back from the final commercials, it's time for the HoH competition. Julie tells the houseguests in the living room to go out into the backyard. Apparently, they've all been provided with gloves, which they're putting on as they head outside. What they find out there is a giant rope spider web. Everyone but Janelle clambers up onto the web, and Julie explains that the game will involve staying up on the web as long as possible. So it's an endurance challenge, and we won't find out who the winner is until next episode. Julie also says that the first five people to get off the web will get to choose one of five eggs. Inside three of the eggs are prizes -- a transferable pass to get you out of a week of eating slop, a pass that can be used to nullify any person's vote to evict (good next week only), and $10,000. The other two eggs have nothing. When they're all situated, Julie says that they're going to make it a little trickier. The web rises higher into the air. After a final set of commercials, we return to see everyone relaxing on what, right now, is a lot like a big hammock. The first "complication" that the show adds to the challenge, because they're not very inventive, is to spray them all with something kind of like whipped cream. Fascinating. My favorite part is where Will yells at the Big Brother gods, "If I wanted to be kissed, I would have called your mama, don't you guys got anything back there?" Oh, Will.

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