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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Howie and James have a chat, in which Howie insists that S6 did nothing wrong by going back on their deal with Jase, but James continues to feel like they did, and thus has some sympathy for Jase's frustration. James DRs that he's "rationalizing" his decision to boot Jase based on Jase's declaration that he was going after Janelle and Danielle -- "two women that I am supposed to protect." So there's more to James's game plan than S6, as we've been discovering. Howie, on the other hand, gripes in the DR that Jase flirted with Mike and Will and kept switching sides. He can't believe Jase expected to "have [his] corn and eat it, too." Only Howie would find cake-having too complicated a metaphorical concept to retain accurately.

Blue and white Janelle becomes HoH again. "I'm the first person to have HoH twice this season," she chirps in the DR. "What can I say?" she giggles. "I dominate in this game." Oh, for fuck's sake. Both of her HoH victories have been the result of other people making the decision to knock out other people before they knocked her out. She didn't do anything "dominant" in this challenge; that's so stupid. Talk about believing your own press, for God's sake. "I feel sorry for the other houseguests," she announces, "because we're pretty much steamrolling through the house at this point." And then she laughs that stupid, smug laugh that other blonde women hate her for employing because it makes them all look like flighty idiots. Tara Reid is like, "Thanks for making it so I can't hang with librarians anymore."

In the DR, Marcellas announces that he and Janelle have "a secret deal" that's above her alliance with S6. Or, presumably, he hopes it is. I never understand why people presume to know how other people prioritize the multiple loyalties that they've undoubtedly all developed. He claims to have hoped she would throw the competition, which I can't believe, given how easy the questions were and how long it took her slowly churning brain to get the last one. I assumed he threw it to her, actually. He must be even dumber than she is. I can see why he and Janelle don't have a lot to talk about besides manicures and disliking other pretty girls. I think he only knows a really small number of things, and basic vocabulary apparently isn't among them. Anyway, he says that for Janelle to be HoH is "fantastic."

Will and Mike hug and speculate that they're going home, now that Janelle is in power. Will says in the DR that Janelle is a really good competitor, a comment that immediately makes him drop ten points in my estimation. Then Diane gets all pissy about how S6 is winning everything, and how they're just "Nerd Herd, Part II." That much is very, very true. Diane wonders whether America is enjoying Janelle and her team and their bullshit. "I just want to see somebody else get HoH. I mean, is that too much to ask?" It is when you don't get any questions right, nitwit. Also, a reminder of a position I hold dear: die, alliance-naming, die!

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