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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

In the gym, Mike wants to know why Will didn't take Janelle out of the HoH competition when he had the chance, but took out Howie instead. Will admits it was probably a mistake. He says that he was thinking that he could take all of the S6 players out one at a time, but also halfheartedly defends his choice, saying that if it had to be one of them, at least they have a little bit of a relationship with Janelle. Unlike Howie, who we know about, and Kaysar, Kaysar, and is so unemotional this season that he can only be spoken to in binary code, which isn't Will's native tongue. Will tells us in the DR that in the event that either Kaysar or Janelle won, he felt like he could at least talk strategy with them, but he knew he couldn't discuss strategy with Howie, on account of Howie being dumb.

Furthermore, as it turns out, in the week's most predictable development, Will has started a bit of a flirting thing with Janelle, to which she is entirely unable to control her reaction. "Janelle has fallen madly, madly in love with me," he explains in the DR while wearing this weird giant headband that somebody on the boards reported is a converted T-shirt sleeve, which I suppose is...true. Bad, Dr. Will. Very, very bad. Anyway, Janelle tries to be funny by saying that she loves Will, and by hanging all over him, and she does it in that great kidding/not-kidding way that ultimately means "not kidding." I know it so, so well. My favorite part is where Will does a DR phone call to Coconut Mike (not pictured) in which he refers to Janelle as "that big, freaky cartoon chick." And then Will smiles, nods quasi-smoothly, and slimes, "Dude, she's waaaaay into me." See that? It's called not taking yourself seriously, Kaysar. Might want to look into it. Janelle claims in the DR that this is "a strategy to work Will over." Yeah. Working like a charm, there, dear. Janelle informs us that she is so amazing that the power of her flirtation renders Will completely helpless. I'm sure that's it exactly. Because as an L.A. plastic surgeon, he's probably never seen the likes of her before. Will, on the other hand, tells us that "they key with women and Janelle specifically" is that you always "leave them wanting just a little bit more." I'd argue, but it's kind of why I'm recapping the season, so whatever. Janelle congratulates herself on having "made the evil doctor nervous." She really, really does not understand Will at all. If attention from large-breasted blondes made Will nervous, he would be unable to function in the environment in which he typically exists.

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