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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

Later, Will wanders up to the abomination and asks Janelle if he can take a bath. "Sure, would you like me to join you?" she says. He smiles, and she gets all preening that he's "at a loss for words." Of course, Will's feigning interest in her disarms Janelle to the point where she totally lets him sit in her bathroom and disrupt the strategy talk her alliance was trying to have. Huh. Who would have thought? Oh, right. Me. Will gets in the tub. (In his swim trunks, of course.) Will asks Janelle to run downstairs and bring him some rubber ducks so that he can give her a puppet show. She hops up to go get the ducks. Hard to tell who's running the show here, isn't it? Will DRs that while baths are fine, he was using this particular one as an opportunity to talk strategy with Janelle's team. When Janelle returns, she dumps a large bunch of ducks in the water, and Will grins and says that he's going to do the puppet show now. "Does anyone else want to watch it, or just you two?" he asks, referring to Janelle and Kaysar. For me, it was this moment -- this bright, funny, energetic, thoroughly mischievous smile -- that put Will back on the radar as the entertainer that he is. Mike comes in and has a seat as he DRs that Will's use of humor to break the ice is very smart. I've said about Will before that whether people would ever admit it or not, one of the reasons he sticks around is that he makes the house more fun, and these people are absolutely starved for entertainment. They probably don't even know they're doing it, but all other things being equal, you're going to keep him there to do puppet shows and zing Howie and flirt with the women. It's more fun than, say, keeping Diane. Or Erika. Or Kaysar. How many discussions of heartache does one house need, really?

Will starts off the show by naming the ducks. One, he names "Rick Foogie." Even though it's rubber, you can almost see that duck roll its eyes. A particular pink duck gets to be the princess of the pond, and her name is "Fanelle." And then Will takes a wooden back massager and names it "Dr. McDreamy." Which means this puppet show must never be taken on the road, lest large and insane segments of the audience begin obsessing about how the back massager should totally fuck a long, thin toenail brush they've named "Mellen Zompeo." Anyway, Will then takes a large and shapeless sponge and happily names it "Howie," barely able to keep himself from laughing. When he gets down to business, Will spins a yarn in which Fanelle is running the pond, and the pond is full of floaters who sometimes want to hang with Fanelle, and sometimes want to hang with McDreamy and Rick Foogie. And then he gets to the part where "Fanelle is starting to have feelings for Dr. McDreamy." What's so great is that Will acts at this point like even he cannot believe his own bullshit, so he's laughing and giggling at his own audacity, and he shouldn't be able to get away with it at all, but he totally can. Janelle giggles. Kaysar, however, begins to look angry. Puppets make Kaysar upset! Kaysar is puppetphobic. Later, as Will explains how Fanelle is reaching a critical fork in the road, even Mike is clearly thinking that it's time to wrap it up. Will DRs that he was basically just talking in circles until it was time to get to the point. You lead people around for a while, give them a nice show, and then "snap their necks." Howie is suddenly there in Kaysar's place, so he apparently likes a good puppet show, as well. Who doesn't, really? Howie actually looks kind of confused. Not surprising.

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