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Self-Destruction, Meet Janelle

At the end of the puppet show, all of a sudden, Will is offering Howie and Janelle a deal with himself and Mike. It's a deal in which the S6 and Will and Mike would be the final six. Nominate two floaters this week, is what he's suggesting. Howie thinks that if they thought Will and Mike would stick to it, they'd do a deal for sure. "We're making a deal with the devil," Howie says to Janelle. Everybody says it; everybody does it anyway.

Filler: George is on slop. "It's terrible," he complains. It's also making him very gassy, which this particular show never gets tired of, since it technically qualifies as both plot and, in a technical and scientific sense, energy. Kaysar says that being the only one on slop is really bothering George. Apparently, he's trying to come up with ways to cook it. He's trying to bake it, among other things. Mike thinks that George's losing his mind, because he is under the impression that he might be able to make oatmeal into bread. We watch George put some dried slop into the toaster, but it doesn't turn into toast. Yeah, some things just won't, even when you put them in a toaster. Pudding, lemonade, steak. Stuff like that. George is really having doubts about sixty days of slop. I would be, too.

Now, Janelle announces the next food competition. When the houseguests get outside, they find a big padded wrestling ring of sorts. What happens is that red rubber balls (like in gym) will be launched over the wall, and one will have a star on it. Whoever gets the one with the star on it will not be eating slop for the week, and must pick someone else who will be on slop. George can participate, but will eat slop no matter what. Wow. That's rough. Just in it to get hit with balls, then? That really is gym class all over again. At least for some of us. Danielle says that all the women are small, so she's thinking they're all going to get outmaneuvered by men who are over six feet tall. If the balls are dropping from above, it's a fair concern. Will explains that as the challenge was about to start, he approached Howie and said they should have a deal not to put each other on slop, and Howie said yes. Will says that he doesn't actually care about avoiding slop -- he did this as a test of Howie's ability to keep his word.

The first star ball is grabbed by Mike, who proudly recounts in the DR Danielle's admission that she saw the star ball, and then she "saw Mike Boogie's shoe." Heh. That is a little funny, I admit. I can imagine Mike having a sort of White Men Can't Jump interest in basketball. Along with, of course, a Woody Harrelson-like fixation on fame. And hemp. Mike puts Marcellas on slop in retaliation for Marcellas taking Mike out of the HoH competition earlier. I approve, because anything that makes Marcellas suffer both avenges his obnoxious behavior and brings out his inner suffering prisoner, which is the only part of his personality I enjoy. The second star ball goes to Howie, who immediately puts Will on slop in spite of their earlier deal. Will says again in the DR that he didn't really mind the slop, but he learned that Howie couldn't be trusted. Howie DRs that Will has never been on slop, and Howie wants to weaken him. Yeah, that probably won't work, especially since Will tends to throw HoH competitions. Next star ball goes to Kaysar, who decides that George goes on slop. As Janelle points out, this is basically the cowardly way to go, since George is on slop anyway. I think Kaysar's tendency to do nonconfrontational things while expecting her to stick her neck out is not wearing well with Janelle. Now, Diane, Erika, James, and Danielle are left. Danielle tries to tackle James, but he manages to keep the ball, and he puts Diane on slop. She laughs and, as he points out, she takes it gracefully. So now, it's down to Danielle and Erika. Danielle manages, after a scramble, to come up with the ball, so Erika is on slop. Danielle says she almost cried when she got the ball, she was so darn happy. "Erika doesn't eat that much anyway," Danielle says in the DR. So Mike, Danielle, James, Howie, and Kaysar have food. George, Erika, Marcellas, Will, and Diane are on slop. "Whyyyy!?" yells Marcellas.

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