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Evel Never Dies

Sharon goes first, and does some drinking. Josh is next, claiming to Dick that people call him the gay version of Dick. Dick says the only one he's heard say that is Josh. Wow, Dick is watching this show a lot more closely than I am. The rock and roll lifestyle is all about the live feeds, no? Josh takes a few drinks and then quits. Sheila follows Josh, with Dick telling her to be a winner if she wants to go to the Rainbow with him. Not as motivating as you might think. Chelsia double-fists and burps like a frat boy. Adam spits out one of his drinks. James appears to finish all of them, and nearly avoids gagging until he gets back into the house. He's swallowed worse.

Afterwards, everyone gathers outside (with Natalie and Ryan watching from the sidelines) so the competitors can find out how many shots they all earned. Joshuah got only five. Sharon and Chelsia each have six, which Natalie thinks means the other alliance is mathematically out of luck. Sheila got seven, impressing everyone, and when she shoots croquet and earns a total of 23 points, she's in the lead. Adam is next, with eight shots, and since he figures James got all ten, he knows he has to deliver with the croquet. Chelsia admits that she's hoping for Adam to win the PoV and keep the nominations as they are because it means James will go and Chelsia will stay. Ah, love. Adam ends up with 28 points, and the lead. Sure enough, James did all ten shots, but he kind of sucks at croquet. But with ten swings of the giant croquet mallet, he's able to steal the lead from Adam and win the PoV with 29 points. Dick keeps the guitar, though. For doing nothing. Story of his life.

Joshuah, Chelsia, and Sharon are worried, for various reasons. Josh thinks he's next in line for the nomination, Chelsia regrets bringing James back at all, and Sharon thinks that Adam will now have to put up either herself or Joshuah. I'm just happy that Dick's gone.

James and Chelsia have another one of their storage-room meetings, in which she insincerely congratulates him. "I love you," she says. "I know," she Han Solos. Meanwhile Josh, realizing that the replacement nominee will be either him or Sharon, gets to work figuring out how to make sure it's not him. He goes straight to his secret ally Ryan to advocate to Adam on his behalf. They agree that putting up Sharon against Chelsia will be easy to sell, as a sure way to get Chelsia out.

Later, Sharon and Joshuah are discussing the same thing, as they both agree that Sharon is "safer" to go up against Chelsia. Joshuah DRs about how much Sharon loves him, while the poor dumb sacrificial blonde DRs about making sacrifices for her "team." Ain't no teams any more, Kansas. But she goes to pull Adam into the HoH room to volunteer. Natalie looks worried at seeing the two of them go into seclusion. In the HoH room, Sharon cheerfully and preemptively lets Adam off the hook for nominating her. She's so going home.

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