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Evel Never Dies

Later, Sharon brings Natalie up to speed on the deal she made with Adam. Wait, why am I calling it a deal? She's not getting anything out of it. If anything, she's displaying the exact same kind of behavior that ostensibly got James and Chelsia nominated, and Matt evicted. So clearly nobody believes that "breaking up couples" bullshit anyway, and have forgotten to even pretend to. While Sharon and Natalie are talking, Joshuah comes up, wondering what's going on. And Natalie comes to the conclusion that Sharon's volunteering to go on the block has something to do with Josh. A sharp one, that Natalie.

Later, she and Adam sit in the HoH room talking about their big threats. Obviously there's not anything they can do about James now, but they figure Joshuah is emerging as a threat. After all, he's not only the only one who's never been nominated, he's also got a pet houseguest who does whatever he wants. When Ryan comes in, Natalie tells Ryan what they're thinking. But Ryan argues strongly in favor of his secret ally, although he claims that it's because he wants to weaken James by getting rid of Chelsia.

Veto ceremony. James says he doesn't plan to get evicted for Chelsia a second time. Chelsia sees her worst-case scenario as going up against Sharon, and Joshuah does a scared-little-boy routine in the DR about how afraid he is to go on the block. At the meeting, James says he's decided to use the veto on himself. "Sorry, Chelsia, you're probably gone," he sasses. "But Adam, you still have to replace me." So Adam does. With Sharon. Nobody smiles bigger than Sharon (least of all me) as Adam explains to his fellow houseguests that he feels this will minimize future repercussions for himself.

Sharon DRs that she's going to go to the end with Joshuah. "We started this game together and I'm going to end this game together with him." Except they didn't start the game together. I just figured out why Sharon's doing so well in this house: no long-term memory. If anyone does slight her or offend her, she forgets about it a few minutes later, like a goldfish who doesn't get invited to a birthday party. Chelsia DRs about how much James sucks for his little aside to her. And Joshuah gloats about only staying off the block, but also convincing someone else to go up in his place. He's already counting his prize money. I've never missed Neil so much in my life.

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