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Time to check in with the jury house. We see them all sitting around playing poker a week ago. Ragan says he had a rough start in the jury house, but it's better now. In fact, he's sitting next to Matt at the table. Or maybe that's just to try to peek at the diabolical super-genius's cards. Ragan interviews that he's working on forgiving Matt. That'll be fun for him, given what we're about to see. Speculation on the next jury member centers on Britney, and Ragan airs his theory that there's an alliance of dudes in the house. Although he's still being cagey about it for some reason. Matt just says, "Could be." Brendon says he wants someone to win who's won competitions, like anyone cares what Brendon thinks, up to and including Rachel. In walks Britney in her own "BRA-GADE (*alternate)" t-shirt, but only Matt knows what it means; Kathy thinks it has something to do with Britney's bra, which is actually understandable. Britney sits down tells everyone else about the secret alliance between Matt, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. Grenade!

Rachel's shocked, and after Britney gets done telling them everything, Kathy asks, "Then why are you here, Matt?" Britney and Matt explain how the Brigade turned on him, and Matt says they thought he was getting too close to Ragan. "Ragan and I were both entirely disposable to you," Britney reminds Matt. Ragan is finally, belatedly, starting to get what a dick Matt is. Matt is claiming the whole Brigade was his idea, but Britney hastens to say that Enzo claimed all the credit, which no one believes -- including Matt. Britney explains how they told her before her eviction because they respected her as a competitor, while Ragan sits there next to Matt all, "Yup." Yeah, Matt didn't even tell him after they were both jurors and it didn't matter. Matt states, as a fact (and not for the first time tonight) that he would have won if he'd made it to the final four with the rest of the Brigade. In fact, I'd make a macro for that if I were any good at macros.

Then the subject moves onto the saboteur. Matt asks Britney if it was her, and Britney bounces the question back at him. Matt denies it, and Kathy volunteers, "Matt lies about everything, Britney, I'll just put it to you like that." Matt takes that as an opening to inform Britney about his perfectly healthy wife, and she's not impressed. "But I was really hoping to come to the jury house and find out Rachel was pregnant," she tells everyone. Big laugh all around, except that I think Brendon might have peed himself.

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