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Out in the studio, Enzo says he's not surprised; he boasts about his social game, puts off his record with the competitions, and says he made the greatest alliance ever. He also says he had the greatest final speech ever that he won't get to make now. He says it stings ("I got no money out of this thing," he laments), but he understands it. Julie asks if he was surprised how much he sucked at competitions, and he admits that it kicked his butt. Julie asks how hard his final decision will be, and he says it'll be difficult, and Julie's happy to hear he hasn't made up his mind, I guess because she thinks that'll make it more interesting.

Farewell messages. Lane says he doesn't know what Hayden was thinking: "If I'd have won, you know I would have brought you to the final two." Did he have another farewell message in the hopper for if he evicted Enzo? And what if the producers had played the wrong one? Hayden calls Enzo the best social player ever, and says he's a huge threat, so he has to do what's best for him. Julie asks for Enzo's final thoughts (as if), and he says, "I love CBS," and he says he's ready to party tonight. Julie shakes hands with him, calling him Meow-Meow one last time (as if).

Julie calls in the jury one by one to decide on the final two. In comes Rachel in a teal striper dress, followed by Kathy in a fuchsia one, then Matt and Brendon in jeans and button-downs, then Ragan in his gas-station attendant's uniform, and finally Britney in a relatively demure sparkly black top with a black stripper skirt. Julie teases them a little about the empty juror's chair and who's about to fill it. Matt, always classy, doesn't care about who wins, since it's not going to be him. Finally Julie calls forth Enzo, and he gets to have a whole other round of applause. Julie brings the rest of the jurors up to speed on Hayden's win and eviction of Enzo, and tells them that they're about to get to ask the questions that they all agreed on earlier. Which must have been a fun discussion.

Julie gets Lane and Hayden on the viewscreen and gives Rachel the floor. She asks Lane why they should vote for him given his dismal performance in competitions. Lane says he played in multiple aspects, and says he won some later, but admits he didn't do too well early on. Solid. Brendon asks Hayden which two non-Brigade members they'd like to see in the final two if it weren't them. Hayden waffles a bit, finally settling on Brendon and Britney and saying they were the strongest competitors. Hayden has clearly already written off Rachel's vote. Matt's question is, "Hey, Lane, had the situation occurred, would you have chosen Britney or a Brigade member to bring to the final two and why?" Busted! Wow, that's actually insightful. Lane tries to weasel out of it by saying it would depend, and Julie nails him down, making him give an answer, in which he says he's a hundred percent loyal to the Brigade. "Not a hundred," Matt points out through a frozen smile. He lets Lane off the hook, though.

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