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Back from some ads, Julie asks Annie for her take on the Brigade. She says Enzo should still be inside the house, the Brigade "manipulated every single vote," and "Enzo manipulated every single one of you so well you didn't even realize you were being manipulated." Which is overstating the case just a scoche. She says it's about numbers, and "if the girls had stuck together with Ragan, we could have had the same thing." Making Ragan on honorary girl, I guess.

Julie reminds Britney that Lane has sad two different things about whether he would have brought Britney to the final two. Britney is all about watching the clip until she sees herself crying after the Brigade broke the news to her. There's a whole montage of Lane talking about wanting to brig Britney to the final two, and that makes her feel better, probably because the editors left out the part where Lane kept saying that Britney was the only person he could beat in the final two. Enzo says that's why he had to won that PoV. "He was in deep," he says, comparing Lane to Donnie Brasco. Julie asks Lane why he didn't tell them that earlier, and he says to save his own "back." Even with all the votes locked in, he looks awkward about it. Still nobody jumps up to try to change theirs. Not even Matt.

Julie turns to Brendon and Rachel, getting their self-appointed couple name wrong, and asks what's next for them. Brendon says he's going back to UCLA and wants Rachel to follow him and "pursue academics." Rachel says she loves Brendon even more than Vegas, while Britney, in the row ahead of them, mouths, "I'm disgusted." Julie calls her out, and says she always said it would be a mistake for Rachel to leave Vegas. "But not for Brendon." "Uh..." Britney says eloquently. Ragan just diplomatically says, "I think that Rachel will make a beautiful bride."

Now back to Annie. Julie reminds her of her first claim as saboteur that two people in the house were lifelong friends, and asks her to set the record straight. "Me and Rachel were lifelong friends," Annie deadpans, cracking everyone up, before admitting that nobody knew each other. AS FAR AS SHE KNOWS! No, really not. Julie then brings up the second saboteur. She asks Britney who was sure it was Rachel, then Kathy, then Matt, which is what she's going with. Julie tells them that the second saboteur was chosen by America's Vote and earned $20,000 for his or her trouble. Enzo is still certain it was either Kathy or Matt. Lane thinks it was Kathy, Matt, or Enzo. Matt guesses, "Me?" Julie asks the second saboteur to stand up, and Ragan looks around before sliding off his stool. Uniform shock among the jurors.

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