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But Angie seems won over by the puppet show, so she goes to lobby Keesha on her idea to keep Brian in and "eliminate drama" in the house. Well, Renny-related drama, anyway. Libra and April don't like what they're seeing, but they don't say anything to either Keesha or Angie about it now. Later, however, when the anti-Brian alliance is hanging around the pool table, Keesha sits on the other side of the backyard -- next to Renny, the other nominee, mind you -- and starts getting all defensive about what she thinks they're saying about her. This somehow escalates into a shouting match between April and Keesha, which the others split up. Still, Keesha dramatically claims to be done with April So much for sticking together. Meanwhile, Brian is updating Jerry, but Jerry isn't about to commit to anything at this point. He might have to break his word again and he only packed so many civvies, after all. In the bedroom, Libra and April warn Renny to get packed, like they've already been beaten.

So now we're in the studio with Julie on the viewscreen, letting the houseguests know that they're bringing back the eviction-night audience from Big Brother 1. Not the actual, individual members of the audience, mind you, but just the concept of filling the studio with people. Which, now that I think of it, might actually require them to track down all the actual, individual members of Big Brother 1's audience. Whatever. Julie's first question is to Jessie, regarding whether he and Renny have buried the hatchet. He acts like a punk, which gives Renny yet another chance to lecture Jessie about his youth and inexperience. I'm really tired of this feud between them. Yes, Renny acted like an asshole and woke Jessie up, but he needs to let it go. It's not like he had to get up and go to work the next morning.

Julie then turns to Libra to "give her a chance to respond" to people who might criticize her for leaving her five-year-old daughter and five-month-old twins. Translation: What's wrong with you, lady? Libra gives a non-answer that's good enough for Julie, because it's time for commercials, not follow-up queries.

When we come back, Julie has her one-on-one HoH interview with Jerry via viewscreen and asks if he has any regrets. He says he's doing his best, and he's still here. Um, who isn't? That's not exactly a bold claim. Julie twists the knife about Jerry "betraying" Brian, and he reiterates that he didn't wear anything military-related when he had to do that, so as not to embarrass the service. Which makes this about the third time he's said that, by my count. If he didn't want to embarrass the service, maybe coming on Big Brother with a suitcase full of Marines merch wasn't the best idea in the first place. She asks if he feels safe, and he says he does for the moment, thanks to what he calls "Jerry's Angels." Yikes.

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