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Next morning, Kevin approaches the two of them to suggest turning the other alliance against each other. Natalie comes up with the idea of spreading the rumor that Russell and Michele have a final-two deal. Which is awesome, because it's pretty much true and they don't even know it. Natalie calls this "Operation Bosley and the two Angels." Okay, it just got a lot less awesome.

Kevin is the one to pass this along to Jeff, alone in the backyard. Jeff takes Kevin's report at face value, and considers aloud whether to get rid of Russell this week. Kevin can't believe this is working.

Jeff goes up to HoH to report to Jordan. Jordan has her doubts, because she trusts Michele. But Jeff wants to keep open the idea of backdooring Russell. Jordan juggles her mouth guard or retainer or whatever between her teeth as they discuss the various options regarding what this could all mean. Oddly enough, the only possibility they dismiss out of hand is the one that Kevin could be lying. Kevin, meanwhile, is quietly jumping up and down with his girls in the red room over how successfully he lied.

Group Chenterview. Over the living-room viewscreen, Julie asks Jeff whether he has any regrets about using the Coup d'Etat, and of course he doesn't. Julie asks why Kevin said he felt guilty for Chima's expulsion, and Kevin says he felt he could have done more to prevent "Hiro-Chima." Good one. Julie then turns to Lydia to ask about her tears over Jessie. She's pretty embarrassed, not to say pissed at Jessie by this point, and if she sees him in the jury house it's going to be ugly. Julie says she actually kind of wants to see that. Julie asks Jordan about the best part of being HoH, and she admits that it's mostly being able to take a bath. That would explain the gratuitous shot of her shaving her legs in the tub earlier in the episode. Nice of her to justify that. Julie tells them that a live PoV competition is coming up, then the vote and the eviction, and then the HoH competition. Finally, there's a commercial. How long is this episode going to be, anyway?

Even with everything going on, we still have time to listen to the phone call from home that Natalie got to have from her dad, who says he watches every episode with her boyfriend. It's very emotional. Natalie is moved. I've also moved -- on.

PoV competition. The only one not playing is Russell, and with Julie on hand, he doesn't even get to host. The game is "Before or After," which we've seen in previous seasons. Separated by high partitions, the players have to guess if a certain event came before or after a different event, and they indicate their answers by stepping forward onto the step marked "After" or back onto the step marked "Before." The first question is a guilt trip about Casey winning the margarita party for them before being nominated, but everyone gets it right anyway. Lydia, Jeff, and Natalie are eliminated by the next question, leaving Michele, Jordan, and Kevin, so nobody will be vetoing herself tonight. They all get the next one right, but Kevin blows the next one, so it's down to Michele and Jordan. Which means that it's unlikely anybody will be vetoing anybody. They both get the next four questions right. Out of questions, Julie busts out the tiebreaker: how many truffles were in the giant mud pit for the flying pig competition a few weeks ago? Jordan guesses 60, and Michele guesses 50. Since the correct answer is 100, Jordan becomes the season's first sitting HoH to win PoV. What's even more amazing is that Jordan has just outsmarted a neuroscientist. It's a world gone mad.

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