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Back in the house, Jeff and Jordan are having a last-second conference with Kevin, while the others wait in the living room. Julie calls everyone together for the Veto meeting and tells Jordan she can take one of her nominees off the block. Before that, Julie gives the floor to the nominees. Natalie says she'll respect Jordan's decision, and Lydia simply says no hard feelings, pretty cheerily all things considered. Jordan stands up and says she's not using the PoV. Lydia's face falls, like she just realized she's gong home tonight. Julie sends us to commercial as we hear the others suspiciously asking each other what they were doing at the end of the break. Times like this I wish I hadn't already used the "locked-room mystery for morons" joke this season.

And after the break, the nominees get another chance to speak in their defense. Natalie plays the pitiful victim, saying she's on her own and would be grateful to get to stay in the house. Lydia tells them to vote the way that will further their game. Which I think they'll do as soon as they get rid of Lydia.

Russell is the first to vote. He votes to evict Lydia, as do Michele and Jeff, so Lydia's going to be wearing her Captain Unitard outfit out to the studio. Kevin votes to evict Natalie, but he looks pretty nervous about it. Julie breaks the news to the houseguests that it was a 3-1 vote, and Lydia's out. She gets up, says goodbye to only Kevin, and as she comes out the door, lowers her goggles and strikes a couple of lame superhero poses on her way over to hug Julie.

In the exit Chenterview, Julie asks her why she only said goodbye to Kevin. Lydia says it's because she's the only one she wants to see win the game. "Everyone else can kick rocks." Brr! Julie asks her about bonding with Natalie over the past week. "Yeah, that was tough," Lydia groans, comparing Natalie to a clingy kid sister. Lydia admits she didn't really try that hard to stay, since aside from Kevin, she couldn't stand those people in there anyway. Julie then asks if she blames Chima for her eviction, and Lydia admits that it weakened her. "Weakened?" I thought that word meant "make weaker," not "turned into a drunk psycho." Julie turns the conversation to what's going to happen with Jessie in the jury house and Natalie boasts, "He's gonna need ice packs." She says Jessie played her and Natalie both, so we can look for that next week, I assume. I'm sure it will take Jessie almost three minutes to talk her down.

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