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From that, we go right to the HoH competition. The five remaining houseguests who aren't Jordan are standing atop a platform, with narrow plastic tubes sticking up from the ground below them, and two big bins of aluminum cans behind them. The first to get 24 cans in the tubes wins HoH, unless nobody pulls it off in an hour, in which case the one with the most wins. So clearly we will not be getting a new HoH before the end of the episode, unless someone's really good at this. Julie says "go," and this looks hard, because there's a waist-high railing they have to lean over, so they have to let go of the cans a good four feet from the tops of the tubes, which aren't much wider than the cans themselves. If this were a midway game I'd be yelling shenanigans. There are a lot of cans on the ground, except for one that's already made it into one of Kevin's tube. One's also hung up on the opening at the top, though. That might be a setback.

When we come back, Kevin's tube is clear, plus he's got four cans racked up, as does Michele. Julie gets on the speaker to distract them. Jeff and Russell have a few as well. Julie adds a degree of difficulty: there are these little shelves sticking out below the players, and they start extending out from the front of the platform, briefly blocking the tops of the tubes until they go back in, and then come back out again in an unpredictable pattern. Yeah, I think this one is going to go the full hour.

So no double eviction, but we've still got six people left, so I guess it's a wash. But I'm still wondering what they'll do if the jury, short a person after Chima's expulsion, comes back with a tied vote at the end. I suspect the producers are wondering the same thing.

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