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Time for the HoH Chenterview, which will be even more unilluminating and incoherent than usual, since the HoH is Renny. Julie asks if the other players have underestimated her. Renny basically says that what you see is what you get with her, only she uses even more platitudes. Julie brings up her feelings about Memphis, and Renny says she wants him gone, since he thinks he's already won the game. She's worried about other people letting him slide by. Wait, is that what happened two weeks ago?

Julie switches to the living room to give April and Jerry their chance to speak in their own defense. April starts by saying how much she's enjoyed the game, and tells everyone to play for themselves. In other words, nothing new. Jerry says that he and his wife will talk about this experience for years to come (or as many as he has left). He promises to not take any hard feelings with him to the jury house and wraps it up with a "Nice knowing you."

Keesha is the first to be called into the Diary Room to vote, and she unsurprisingly votes to evict April. Memphis votes the same way. Ollie of course votes to evict Jerry. Dan annoyingly stretches out his moment by saying, "I vote to evict Je-- I vote to evict April." Nobody laughs. Good. I liked it better when he called Julie "Mrs. Chen." Michelle also votes to evict April, but she says she's sad about it. So that's April out. I'm trying to contain my grief.

Can the houseguests hear the "suspenseful" music that always accompanies Julie's eviction announcement? Because I don't think it's working on anyone else. When Julie reveals the results of the 4-1 vote, Ollie gets up and positions himself by the door so he can be last after April says goodbye to everyone else. She's out of there pretty quickly. She goes out and shakes hands with Julie while the houseguests are quiet inside, giving Ollie some space before they start hugging him. Which they eventually do.

The first question April gets is about her relationship with Keesha. "Were you frenemies? One-time allies? There was always trouble between you two. Why?" I'd like to address the most urgent point of Julie's little speech there: don't say "frenemies," Julie. April claims not to want to bag on Keesha, but then she says Keesha turned on her, and she still doesn't understand why. Julie asks if her private moments with Ollie made a difference, but she has no regrets. Julie brings up the living-together thing, and April claims that Ollie was planning to move to Arizona even before meeting April. Sure he was. For now, however, April backs off of the moving in together thing, and insists that the marriage question was a joke. She and Ollie, such jokesters. Julie pushes it, asking her about kids, and April dodges the question like a pro. Almost as well as she dodged that marriage question.

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