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Next, here's what the editing would have us believe goes down: Jen leaves the HoH room, heads into the dwarf room where Nick and Daniele are busy shmooping to each other, stares them down for a moment without saying anything, returns to the HoH room, and states her desire to put up Nick instead. And, look, I realize the essential truth of the situation is the same: Jen would put up Nick for the same jealousy-based reasons she put up Daniele. But the way that segment was edited makes it look faker than it probably was. So for a second here, I start to admire Jen again, just for the fact that she's so willing to cut the strings Zach's group is holding on her and nominate Nick for the most petty reasons possible. Weirdly enough, she's become the most dangerous player in the game (for this very short term that she has power) because she totally doesn't care what you think. In the most literal sense of the phrase. You do not exist in Jen's universe.

Of course, that's all ruined by the time the veto ceremony comes around and Jen reveals she's nominated Joe. Which is annoying as hell, not for the result (losing Joe is much preferable to losing Nick), but for the fact that the show's efforts to build suspense and misdirection sacrificed a clear explanation for why Jen would go back to nominating Joe. I'm sure it'll get explained on Thursday, but for now it's really unsatisfying. And every step on the road to Joe's eviction should be as satisfying as possible! See you Thursday!

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