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Hopeless Casey

So now that my stomach is empty, Julie gets on the viewscreen to interview the houseguests. She starts in easy, talking to Casey about the banana suit, before moving on to ask Ronnie if he was surprised not to be nominated. Ronnie says something passive-aggressive about people's actions revealing who they are, without naming names. Julie then calls Lydia out, asking if her dispute with Natalie is really about beds. Lydia unconvincingly claims that's all that was going on, but when Julie turns to Natalie to ask her take, she doesn't get much more from that quarter. Then it's over to Michele, whom Julie congratulates for the PoV win before replaying her mud dive in slow motion. Which they love seeing. It takes so little to entertain them at this point.

Moving on to the private HoH Chenterview, Julie's first question for Jessie is how it's been to be caught between Natalie and Lydia. He denies that they're fighting over him. In fact, he talks about both of them as though they can hear him, until Julie asks if they're playing him. "Very likely," Jessie says decisively. Julie's final question is which one of them he would choose to be stranded on a desert island with. He refuses to answer, Julie calls him lame (and she should know from lame), and he calls out a birthday greeting to his dad before getting cut off. Second year in a row he's missed it, I suppose.

Back down in the living room, Julie offers to let the nominees say their piece. Jordan doesn't say much beyond what she said last week, when she didn't say much then in the first place. When Casey stands, he seems to know he's going home, because he apologizes to his family for the position he's in and calls Ronnie "the dorkapotamus with the God complex" and Jessie a "self-absorbed, smedium(?!)-wearing egomaniac with the personality and IQ, ironically enough, of a banana." He warns everyone else that they'll turn against them in turn, and urges them to make their own decisions in the DR. We're about to see how that goes.

The voting starts with Jeff, because we know he's going to vote to evict Casey, and that's what he "sadly" does. Ronnie is "ecstatic to vote to evict the hypocritical, sore loser, midlife-crisis-having Casey." Natalie also votes to evict "the bitter banana." Julie will leave us "hanging" for the rest of the votes through the ad break.

Chima votes to evict Casey, which is an early sign that Casey hasn't been able to sell his alternate plan. Russell says he's staying true to his word and voting out Jordan. Michele votes out Casey, which Julie tells us is enough to get rid of Casey, but we might as well complete the charade. Lydia sits down in the DR, wearing a fake olde-timey mustache that she fake-twirls as she votes out Casey in a weird fake accent, like she's olde-timey evil or something. I don't get it, but she seems to think that's funny, which I don't get at all. Kevin also votes out Casey, leaving the total at 7-1. Awkward week coming up for Russell, just like this last week was for Natalie (not). When everyone's back in the living room and Julie reveals the vote, Casey gets up and makes his exit, but not without a parting shot to Jessie that "your word is mud, man." Natalie yells at Casey while Jessie stands silently, and Casey also snaps at her on his way out the door. Once he's gone, there's so much audio cutting out I can't really tell what's going on inside the house, other than some speculation about why the vote wasn't unanimous. Oh, and everyone comforting Natalie for having to yell at Casey like that.

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