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Final Four

Sheila angrily bitches in the DR about how this completely screws up her plan and she doesn't know what's happening now. But Ryan and Adam are pleased at having had a chance to throw around their considerable weight, and now seem to feel comfortable letting Natalie in on the plan to backdoor her. Of course, before they do that, they give her a hard time some more about playing both sides. Natalie starts crying as she insists that she's been lying to the girls for the guys' benefit all along. They seem to accept what she's saying, at least for the moment, and everyone hugs. But we don't see them telling her that she's the real target, so maybe the plan is still in place. Or one of them is, anyway.

Later, Natalie confronts Sharon in front of Ryan and Adam for "talking smack" about her to the boys. There are accusations of lying and everything. Natalie puts on quite a show for the guys, but Sharon's responses are sincere enough that Ryan and Adam seem to be having doubts all over again.

Up in the HoH room, Sheila asks Adam and Ryan what the hell is up with them. Tempers flare, Adam calls Sheila a bitch, and she throws them out of the room. I don't know why she keeps trying to get people to do what she wants by getting completely pissed off at them. I'm sure it works on her son, but she's not anybody's mom in this house.

Viewscreen time. Julie starts the group interview by asking Sheila and Sharon why they didn't say anything when the boys confronted Natalie on her loyalties earlier in the episode. Sharon says she was just lying low, because it wasn't her place to say anything. Just like always (although she leaves that part out). Sheila, on the other hand, says she was pissed off, but it wasn't the time to say anything. Which I don't believe for a minute; Sheila was too blindsided to think of a way to handle the situation in real time, and probably couldn't have come up with anything to say even if she wanted to. Although I guess I do have to give her props for not throwing a tantrum on the spot because she wasn't getting her way. Maybe she's growing. Speaking of that meeting, Julie asks Ryan what he and Adam were trying to do, and Ryan says they were tired of hearing shit about Natalie from Sheila and Sharon, and the meeting pretty much stopped that, so it accomplished what they'd hoped. So in other words, it wasn't to show the house who was really boss this week, no, not at all. Julie then asks everyone whether they would rather be in the final two with someone deserving or someone easy to beat. Everyone agrees that they'd want to be up against the most deserving person. I think at least half of them are lying, but Sheila, answering last, is the most unconvincing one.

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