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Final Four

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Final Four

Natalie goes out for her Chenterview, and while she gets set up, we cut back inside the house for a few seconds and see Sheila tensely lying to the boys that she didn't want to have to be the tiebreaker, but it's fine. You know how some people pronounce "fine" so it sounds like "I'm so pissed my hair is on fire"? That's how Sheila is pronouncing it. She's probably just now realizing that she can't go back in time and nominate Ryan to punish Adam for the pity vote, like she threatened last night, and it must be making her crazy.

As the Chenterview commences outside, Natalie expresses her shock that she got a tie; she knows she was playing both sides and now figures that it cost her the game. Kind of odd that the rare person who actually does get voted out because everyone is scared of her doesn't claim that as the reason. Natalie continues to maintain that she was trying to protect the boys all along. Too late, Nat. But at least now you can get back to stalking Matt, in the jury house.

Goodbye messages: Sharon tells Natalie that nobody knew what to believe about her. Ryan just says good luck in the jury house. Adam tells her to be strong. And Sheila claims to be sorry she had to nominate Natalie, and starts crying and claiming to care about Natalie. Wow, she's really campaigning hard for Natalie's jury vote. I never thought it would come to that for Sheila, but at this point in the game I'm kind of forced to reassess.

Time for the HoH competition. Ryan, Sharon, and Adam are standing back to back on a game board, separated by high partitions so they can't see each other. Outgoing HoH Sheila's sitting with her back to all of them, because Big Brother knows her poker face is for shit. The game board is a series of concentric circles marked "Fact" and "Fiction," into which the players must step to answer true or false questions. The first question involves Allison, so I kind of tune out. The second question is about the guinea pig toy and whether it still holds a significant clue. They all guess Fact, wrongly. Aw, Julie, why'd you have to wreck that? The third question is whether Chelsia has been escorted out of the jury house by security. Adam and Ryan clearly have a pretty low opinion of Chelsia, because only Sharon gets it right, taking the lead. We also learn that the number 8 is not significant in the game (that's another "mystery" debunked), and Sharon is still in the lead. The standings don't change during the next two questions, because all three answer that Amanda's medical emergency was for real, and nobody thinks that James and Chelsia have stopped speaking to each other in the jury house. It looked like a near thing for a minute, there, though. The next question is whether there's a third preexisting relationship (after Sharon/Jacob and Jen/Ryan) in the house. Only Ryan guesses Fact, and gets it...right! "The guinea pigs," a subtitle helpfully clarifies. Oh, now, that's just mean. And it totally makes up for the guinea pig toy.

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