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Final Four

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Final Four

Ryan and Sharon are tied for the lead. For the tiebreaker, they each have to write down the total number of combined minutes everyone stayed up in the glass boxes during the last HoH combined. Sharon guesses 184, which she has to know is wrong; Natalie and Sheila each lasted longer than that. Since the right answer is 556, Ryan wins HoH with his guess of 310.

There's very little celebration as Sheila hands over the HoH key, because everyone is thinking about that third preexisting relationship and asking each other, WTF?

Julie welcomes us back from the last ad break by explaining how the next week is going to play out: there's going to be an eviction next Tuesday, and apparently at this time next week, there will only be two houseguests left. Still two too many for my liking, but I'll take it.

And the "let's eavesdrop on the houseguests" segment is actually kind of fun for once, because everyone is accusing each other of knowing someone else in the house. Except Sheila, that is, who claims to know the score. But when Ryan asks her, she cannily says, "I can't say." Smart move; they've got to keep her around now.

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