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Afterward, Jordan tells a still-crying Rachel that she, Jordan, is the one who deserves to go home after losing all these competitions. Porsche encounters them while Rachel's still losing her shit and gives her a quick hug before letting the two vets go on their way. Jordan is so convinced that Rachel deserves the win more than she does that she tries to convince Rachel to throw her under the bus. "If you get to the final two you will win," she insists. I just got a chill.

Rachel takes Porsche aside to make a case for taking her to the final three, mainly by kissing her ass. Porsche thinks Rachel would bring her to the final two, but also thinks that she herself is more likely to win a jury vote against Jordan. Okay, good luck with that. Nobody's ever won a jury vote against Jordan before.

Final veto meeting. Julie gets on the living room viewscreen with the final four and tells Porsche to make her decision. Porsche doesn't have any trouble deciding to de-nominate herself. Rachel switches seats with her, so it's veteran against veteran. Julie invites Rachel to be the first to address Porsche. Rachel starts by sucking up to Adam and Jordan instead, then turns to Porsche and stumbles on her words while trying to say that she voted to keep Porsche, and so she hopes to stay. Jordan stands and says she knows she's going home, and gives compliments all around, talking about how wonderful Adam and Rachel both are and then telling Porsche, "I know you love wearing bikinis and you love to host competitions." After a quick shout-out to the folks at home (and the one in the jury box), she sits down. Time for Porsche to make her decision, and she evicts Jordan. And after such a heartfelt appeal, too. [Note: And she didn't even get to wear her eviction dress! -- RS.]

Jordan heads out for her first exit Chenterview, leaving Adam, Rachel and Porsche as the final three in the house. "Very surreal," Rachel says, but she's talking about Jordan's picture on the memory wall going monochrome and not what I'm thinking about, which is who the final three are.

Out in the studio, Julie asks Jordan why Porsche voted her out. Jordan admits she "never talked to that girl," so she's not surprised. And furthermore, it was too late to start sucking up on Day 69. Julie brings up Shelly's "betrayal," and asks if she learned anything from it. Jordan basically says she let her guard down. "Even if you're a mom, you still can't trust a mom." Julie asks why Jordan pretty much gave up in the last few days, and Jordan admits that Rachel won a bunch of competitions, and that as a team, they balance each other out in terms of competitions (at which Jordan sucks) versus social game (at with Rachel sucks). So now Jordan says she's going back to school and the salon. "Same old thing." As if she never won half a million dollars at all.

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