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Rachel gets up and in this crucial moment for both Adam and Porsche, she makes a long speech all about herself. She starts to come apart as she finally gets to her point, which is that she has to evict Adam. So she's sticking to her deal with Porsche. Adam takes it pretty well, walking out with a metal-roar and double devil-horns.

Out in the studio, he works the crowd like he never worked the house and engulfs Julie in a hug. Rachel and Porsche settle down, Rachel looking upset while Porsche complains about Adam's classless speech. That speech is of course Julie's first topic with Adam in his exit Chenterview, but she quickly moves on to point out as gently as she can that he's "not the best at competitions." Adam points out that like Porsche, he won some later competitions (when there weren't as many people competing against him, he fails to point out), and agrees with Rachel's decision: "If I was in the final two I would have won." Julie laughs right in his face at his latest delusion, and so does most of the crowd, but Adam is serious when he says he knows the jury would have voted for him. He says it was nice to meet Julie, and hopes he can meet Ozzy through Julie's friend Sharon now, then he gets up and blocks her shot while she tries to plug the jury interrogation coming up next. He's a lot more energetic when he's not constantly terrified of offending someone, isn't he?

Time to start bringing in the jurors, one by one. Julie calls in Brendon, Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia and Jordan, who take their seats so we can all see their reaction at who the final juror is. Brendon is way too happy to see that it's Adam, although I suppose he's mostly happy that it's not Rachel. Julie says they're about to lock in their votes, but first they get to ask their pre-determined questions of each finalist. Brendon goes first, telling Rachel he loves her. "That's not my question." Good. He says, "Some in the jury think you did and said a lot of hurtful things that had nothing to do with strategy. Why do you think you should be rewarded for this behavior." Rachel claims it was all gameplay, which is both bullshit and purposefully ignoring the entire premise of the question, and goes back into her speech about being a target and winning lots of competitions and how they should base their decisions on that instead. She does remember to apologize, which she sucks at, so luckily for her, Julie cuts her off on time. Jordan is next, saying "some" think all Porsche did was wear a bikini and cook, which were Jordan's exact words earlier. So why does Porsche deserve half a million dollars for that? Porsche says it wasn't her idea to get the Golden Key (which is true, because she didn't understand it at first) and claims to have played a social game from that point on. That probably isn't going to cut much ice with Jeff and Jordan, who still seem hurt by Porsche ignoring them like a couple of wrinkled old great-grandparents in the corner at the wedding. Kalia asks Rachel what else she did to earn the money besides winning competitions. Well, nothing, but it's still more than Porsche did, but Rachel can't say that. Instead, she says she was also nominated the most, had to change her strategy after Brendon's exit(s), and says she had to make big moves like evicting Kalia, who would have won in the final two. Nice bit of last-minute flattery there. Shelly asks Porsche when she started playing the game, and asks for examples. Porsche claims to have started playing week one, starting with her bid for the Golden Key. Which, again, she didn't understand at the time, but whatever, and fortunately she runs out of time before she has to come up with anything else. And that's it for the grilling by the jury. I feel like I learned a lot, don't you?

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