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After the ads, Julie tells us that the houseguests didn't get much sleep last night, and apparently that's our fault. Cut to the sleeping house at 1:00 this morning, as loud, obnoxious taped greetings from civilians in the outside world are played over the loudspeaker to keep them awake all night. Yeah, that would suck, but I don't need to watch three hours of it.

But apparently that was all part of the setup for tonight's HoH competition. It's another game show, with Jerry, Dan, Memphis, Libra, Renny, Ollie, Michelle, and Keesha lined up behind podiums with dividers between them while outgoing HoH April sits out. And the questions will be about those taped wake-up calls. Now I see why that segment went on so long; they want us to be able to play along at home, as though we care that much. Everyone gets the first one right, but on the second one, Ollie and Renny are eliminated. They go to the bench to join April, who is clearly sitting there angrily wondering what went wrong in her little empire. The third question eliminates everyone but Michelle and Libra. And then Michelle gets the fourth question right, so she's HoH.

The usual celebration ensues, although with not as many people as usual and with Michelle's going on longer than everyone else's as she gives shout-outs to Jessie and calls her fellow houseguests "traitors" that she's "gonna get" for Jessie Dan looks more than a little worried.

Time for one last Chenterview with the houseguests, back in the living room. Michelle repeats that this is for Jessie, and she deserves the win after the week she's had. "Game on," she says. Memphis says he feels the love. Clearly he isn't looking at April or Jerry. Julie asks Jerry whether it's harder to be in the armed forces or in the house, and he says he loves the latter. "Game on," he sucks up.

Julie shuts them off and breaks the news to us that someone from each of Big Brother's ten seasons will be showing up on Sunday for a special competition. Well, how could it be anything other than special, then? After the usual plugs of upcoming episodes and that Showtime mess, there's the "eavesdropping" segment where Michelle has an urgent, whispered conversation with Memphis about how she's not mad at him. Oh, I totally believe her, too, don't you?

Talk about Jessie's eviction and speculate on who will be the ten special guests in our forums. And don't forget to vote in our annual Tubey Awards.

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