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Jerry's in the lead by one point when Julie asks the last question, about whether Dan or Keesha would beat Jessie in an arm-wrestling match. Keesha guesses herself and Jerry guesses Dan. And since Keesha was right and Jerry's wrong, we have a tie between the two of them. Keesha looks ready to have a stroke from all of this stress as Julie has them pick up their little whiteboards to guess a number, which is the number of giant lollipops on the table after the food competition. They both guess 100, so that's another tie (it was 218). The tie-tie-breaker expects them to estimate the total number of seconds it took for the winners of each of this week's PoV heats to win. Jerry guesses 300. Keesha takes almost that long to come up with a scrawled 500. It looks like she was going to go with 300, and then changed her mind, which is too bad. I would have liked to see them have to guess the number of photons in the living room or something. But since the correct answer was over 1,000, Keesha is the new HoH. Have a good half-hour, Keesha!

After the ads, everyone is back in the living room for Keesha's nominations. Unsurprisingly, she nominates Jerry and Ollie. They sit in the nominee chairs looking stone-faced as Julie tells them to get ready for the PoV competition. Well, at least with only six people left they won't have to spend time drawing players' names. But first, more ads! Apparently double elimination means double the commercials.

When we come back, the houseguests are positioned in the back yard with small hay bins at the opposite end of each of their lanes. They each have to find two PoV medallions, and then return them to their starting point one at a time. Fastest one wins PoV. Ollie is the first into his haystack, but Dan is the first to find a veto symbol. Renny, Memphis, and Keesha are right behind him. Not a good night for Jerry and Ollie, especially when Dan ends up winning PoV before either Jerry or Ollie have found one medallion. Afterwards, while everyone's still panting and sneezing, Ollie goes off to sit by himself. Well, that's no way for him to enjoy his last ten minutes in the house.

After some more ads, Julie lets us eavesdrop on some "last-minute strategy" in the house, which consists of Keesha prattling about the HoH competition. Finally Julie calls them to order in the living room. Julie lets Jerry give his nominee speech first again. Jerry modestly says that he "held out pretty good for an old guy." Ollie struggles to spit a piece of hay out of his mouth before challenging Dan to play another game of roulette, "and hopefully I'll get lucky." But there's not enough luck in the world, so Dan is not using the PoV. And then more Julie awkwardness, and more commercials. I think I would have preferred an extra ad.

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