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It Takes a Lot of Balls

Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly have apparently spent the break conferring in the storage room, but after a moment Julie calls them all into the living room and wastes no time ordering Kalia to make her nominations. Kalia says she's keeping her word, and nominates Jeff and Rachel. Bad night for the veterans, yeah? Still, Veto competition coming up!

A second competition has been set up amazingly quickly in the backyard. Six of the players (all save Jordan) are positioned partway along colored lanes, each of which has a small table in the middle, a buzzer at one end, and a ball pit at the other. All they need to do is find two clown shoes in their ball pits, put them on the table one at a time, run back to the ball pit, grab their individual Veto symbol, and then run back and hit the buzzer. Julie mark-get-set-goes, and they go, some of them disappearing entirely under their balls (dirty!). Rachel finds a yellow clown shoe first, and is back searching before anyone else finds a shoe. But not long before, because Shelly, Porsche, and Adam also get shoes in quick succession. Jeff finds a shoe after hurling balls everywhere, including into Adam's pit. Porsche finds her second shoe, then runs back for her PoV symbol. So she's won the Veto. Very bad night for the veterans, and Jeff and Rachel know it. Now we get to watch everyone sit and pant -- except Jordan, who's just trying not to have a meltdown. Porsche finally won a competition! But was it worth it to make Jordan cry?

Back from ads, Julie invites us to listen to what the houseguests are saying, but the FCC won't let us, for the most part. Julie gathers them in the living room for the Veto meeting, and Porsche needs a lot of coaching on her blocking before she knows where to stand. She's used to only sitting on the sofa during these things, after all. Julie lets Rachel argue her case for the Veto first, and Rachel flails a bit before lamely trying to tell Porsche that vetoing her would be a good choice for her game, which even Rachel probably doesn't believe. "If not, then, good game everyone." Jeff says his actions speak for themselves, and compliments Porsche's hair in return and asks for everyone's vote. Finally Porsche gets to announce her decision, and says that in honor of the difficult decision Kalia had to make (snort) she won't be using the Veto. Just generally sucks to be a veteran tonight.

Coming back, Jeff has apparently been arguing with Shelly in one of the rooms so that Julie has to rush everyone back into the living room. Rachel gets to plead her case again, lying that she respects everyone as game players. Jeff mainly directs his speech at Shelly, reminding her of how awesome she is and how much Rachel sucks (although the latter more obliquely), then asking Shelly for respect and to do what's right for herself and for Jordan. Way to play the Jordan card. Shameless.

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