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When Michele comes back out, Russell calls up to her, "What's up, nutcase?" It escalates further and further with the two of them calling each other liars. Thank you Russell, for showing us what a charm offensive looks like without the charm.

The mood's still pretty tense when Chima calls everyone into the living room to draw players for the PoV competition. Chima picks Natalie. Russell gets houseguest's choice and picks Jeff. So much for their secret alliance. Lydia also gets houseguests choice, and picks Kevin, because he'll save her if he wins. Which he won't. Jessie is bitter over not being picked by Russell. He DRs that that's the end of his alliance with Russell. Because I guess he thought it was still going when he agreed to have Chima nominate him for eviction.

The houseguests come out to the backyard, with the PoV players dressed in chicken suits. As host for the competition, Michele explains the rules. They need to use their fingertips to "rescue" eggs from behind some chicken wire, then walk across a plank bridge shaped like a slice of bacon. First one to collect a dozen wins the PoV. It's incredibly tedious not only to do, but also to watch, as they have to thread their fingers through the spaces in the chicken wire to lift the eggs, one by one and inch by inch, all the way up to a hole just big enough to stick one hand through. Kevin gets the first egg, Natalie breaks one, and then Russell and Jeff get their first eggs, followed by Lydia. Natalie drops a second egg, and gets taunted for it by Jeff. She drops her third egg as Kevin gets his second. Big Brother allegedly adds to the difficulty by blowing feathers across the lawn, but I think the only thing made more difficult by that wrinkle is the filming. As the competition stretches on, Kevin, Russell and Lydia continue to be tied for first while Jeff joins Natalie in frustration. Finally, Kevin and Russell have both got only one egg to go, with Kevin in a narrow lead while Russell energetically shit-talks him from the next lane over. "He is not good under pressure," Russell understates. But, to my amazement, Kevin ultimately beats Russell by mere seconds. Looks like Lydia's going to be off the block, right? Chima had better start thinking about her replacement nominee right now. But wait, what's this? Kevin tells us in the DR that he'll be thinking about himself. Kevin is awarded the PoV. Russell, meanwhile, DRs that he plans to make some "dramatic moves" to save himself. I can only assume that means more fences and more hand grenades.

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